Ride with Blake: Cole Buller comes to Key West!

Ride with Blake: Cole Buller comes to Key West!

What's up guys? This is Blake from MACkite here in Key West, Florida with Cole from MACkite. He just got in today and he's going to get out kiting. I can't with my torn ACL, so he's going to go do the kiting for me and we'll teach him some tricks!

Cole Gets His Groove Back

Cole: This morning, I was in Michigan and I had no idea I'd be kiting today, but here we are! Blake was nice enough to let me use his stuff, and now I'm getting a little session here in Key West. I don't know what else I could ever ask for. Let's do some fun tricks here!

Man, it is hard to beat Key West. What an incredible sunset! When do you get to kite in boardies with a view like that in consistent 20mph winds? All I ride is Michigan, so I'm loving this!

I'm not gonna lie... I've had a lot of falls this session. I'm definitely trying to get back into the kiting groove after a long winter. It's so fun being out here with the warm water, the people, and the weather. It's really unbelievable. I'm just trying to get the tricks back in the bag again this year, and hopefully it'll all come together at the end of the session. Blake gave me a couple of tips, so I'm going to keep going and keep trying!

I just got off the water, and what a great session. I got my tricks back and had a great time. It started off rough but ended up good.

Blake: You hurt your ribs, right?

Cole: Yeah, I tore my abs a couple years ago and haven't really been able to ride since. This is the first real summer back in action, and I'm so glad to start in Key West!

Cole Pumps It Up

Blake: All right, we're going to go get Cole out on the water on the foil. That's what he's the master at: pumping on the foil. His goal is to pump around an island, so I'm going to take him on the boat 10 miles out in the Keys to an island that he can pump around. Here we go!

Cole: We're going to do a little bit of wake foiling here, and Alesha's going to follow me on the eFoil. Hopefully we can impress the boats over here!

Blake: That's a wrap for having Cole in Key West. He was here on a fishing trip and just surprised me the day of, saying he was here. So I got him out on the kite, got him out on the tow foil and the eFoil, and we had a great time. This kid's amazing. He's in college getting his degree, working at MACkite, and he's going to be doing a lot of wake foiling videos this summer, so stay tuned. Cheers!

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17th May 2023 Blake Olsen & Cole Buller

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