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Outside of just selling gear, we also ride it! Well, the vast majority of it... and then we shoot a video or write about it.
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Kiteboarding Blog

Anything and everything having to do with this amazing sport.

Beginner Articles
Let's get started!
How to Progress
You've got the basics down. What's next?
Kiteboarding Tricks
It's time to add some style!
Kiteboarding Reviews
Get informed before you buy.
Gear Buying Tips
How do you make smart buying decisions?
Gear FAQs
Good stuff to know about gear.
Gear Maintenance
Take care of your gear, and it will take care of you.
Kite Foil
Add a foilboard and unlock a whole new experience!
Cold Water Kiteboarding
Baby, it's cold outside! What to do to stay warm and safe.
Snow what if it's snowing? Grab a snowboard and find a field, and off you go!
Travel Tips
Kiting in the cold not your bag? Pack a bag and take a trip!
Kiteboarding Fitness
You don't have to be in shape to ride, but it sure helps!


Hydrofoil Blog

Welcome to the rapidly growing world of foilboarding!

Getting Started with Foiling
A few of the basics you'll want to know about hydrofoiling.
Hydrofoil Trick Tips
Just a few of the cool things you can do on a foil.
Got a boat? Or at least a wake you can thief?
Hydrofoil Gear Review
It's always a good idea to check stuff out before you buy.
Hydrofoil Gear Buying Tips
How to make smart buying decisions!
Hydrofoil Gear Review
It's always a good idea to check stuff out before you buy.
Hydrofoil Gear Buying Tips
How to make smart buying decisions!
Travel Tips
What to know before you go.
Foil Drive
Yeah, we're obsessed, but if you've tried it, you know why!

Wing Foiling

Wing Foiling Blog

A wing, a foilboard, and some wind. Perfect.

Wing Foiling: Getting Started
What's it take to get into this amazing sport?
Wing Foiling Tips & Tricks
Look like you know what you're doing out there!
Wing Foiling Gear Reviews
What we think of stuff you're thinking of buying.
Wingboarding Gear Buying Tips
We know, this stuff isn't cheap. Here are some tips to help you choose what to add to your quiver.
Wing Interview
Sometimes we get a chance to chat with people in the industry and share it with you.

Wake Foiling

Wake Foiling Blog

Like waterskiing, but you can drop the rope and keep going!

Getting Started with Wake Foiling
Here are some basics to get you up and riding faster.
Wake Foiling Tips & Tricks
Some of our favorite tips to help you along on your wake journey.
Wake Foiling Gear Review
We tried it: here's what we thought.


eFoil Blog

Whether you are getting a feel for foiling or just want to cruise, an eFoil might have a place in your quiver.

If you're looking for a full eFoil, check out the Waydoo.
Foil Drive
If you're just looking for an assist between sets, take this for a drive.

MACkite Video Series

Episodes of our regularly scheduled programming.

Wing Wednesday
Join Tucker to find out what's new in the wide world of winging.
Foil Friday
It's the weekend- let's go foiling!
Pick 5 Challenge
Our staff has access to virtually unlimited gear... what happens when we challenge them to pick just 5 pieces?
Stuck inside? Join us for some virtual riding goodness!
Scope out your next trip with us! What to know before you go.
Trying to decide which one is right for you?
Wing Surf School
Learn to wing surf!
Big Air Kiteboarding Basics
Ready to go big?
Ride with Blake
Join MACkite Team Rider Blake Olsen on his adventures and pick up a few tips along the way.
The Oddcasts
Video podcasts where we interview industry leaders.
Kooks on the Loose
The MACkite crew, out and about.
MACkite Awards
And the award goes to...
MACkite Recommends
Things and experiences we think you might enjoy.

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