Kiteboarding Lessons


2024 lessons start in May.

MACkite has been offering lessons for over 15 seasons, and we’re pumped for another season of teaching students the life-changing sport of kiteboarding! We offer all of our summer lessons at the MACshack, which is reserved specifically for our students. Our instructors teach hundreds of students every year on how to ride safely and to learn the undying love of kiteboarding. We hook up our students with the latest gear - after all, we are in the business of making kiteboarders!

Whether you’re kiteboarding or snowkiting, MACkite will follow you through the entire process. Why? It’s our job, of course! We love getting people stoked about kiteboarding.

Our lessons fill up fast so we strongly suggest that you reserve your spot early. While it may be possible to get a last minute lesson, we cannot guarantee instructor availability without prior reservations.

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Which lesson is right for you?

Our 2-day lesson is kiteboarding 101! There will be "classroom" instruction combined with "hands-on" instruction. The priority is on kite safety, responsibility and self-sufficiency (launching, landing and rescuing). We want to make sure riders can start their kiteboarding journey safely and with good background knowledge.

The private lesson is geared towards those that already have some experience with kiteboarding. Maybe you've been riding for year, but are struggling riding upwind, or you're looking to start getting air or adding tricks to your repertoire. This is the lesson for you!

Our lesson center is located at 1801 Beach St, Muskegon, MI 49441.