Kite and Wing Repair

Kite & Wing Repair

There's nothing more stressful than damaging your kite or wing. Fortunately, most damage is repairable and with the right attention you'll be back out on the water in no time. While MACkiteboarding does not offer repair services, we do recommend Airtime Kite & Fix My Kite - in fact we use both to repair our own kites! Both provide world class kite repair. Airtime also provides a full range of custom bladders and valves. If you're in need of line or bridle repair, you'll want to contact Fix My Kite.

Airtime Kite

Oregon Repair Center
Florida Repair Center

We've been manufacturing soft goods in Oregon since 1986. We're a family-owned business and, when we aren't arguing, we love what we do.

Our standard products and services have evolved to focus on aftermarket parts and repair services for the windsports of kiteboarding and foil surfing. We're proud to have invented several repair products that are now standard throughout the industry.

Our main offices and manufacturing are located in Hood River, Oregon. We have a repair location in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and an affiliate repair location in Rio de Janeiro. In Holland, we have a licensed assembler providing bladders and replacement valves to the European market.

Fix My Kite

Here at, we are dedicated to the enjoyment of kitesurfing at every level. Our location affords us the ability to ride nearly every day of the year. Since we are rider owned and operated our dedication to the development of the sport is truly apparent. We work closely with many manufacturers of kite equipment and accessories to develop our sport in a safe and performance oriented manner. is operated by Prokitesurf. Born out of a small kite production operation started by Jeff Howard, and Prokitesurf has progressed into a full service repair and warranty center. For this reason we are able to customize your existing gear to your specifications. So join us in this sport we all love and get out and ride!

DIY Kite Repair

While a professional repair is always recommended to prolong your kite and minimize future damage, do-it-yourself repairs are totally viable and effective session savers. For smaller canopy tears, ripstop tape is highly effective.

How to repair your kite with ripstop tape:

  1. Clean the area of kite in need of repair.
  2. Lay out sail area to be repaired flat on a table and remove all wrinkles.
  3. Match up sail using grid in fabric.
  4. Round corners of the tape.
  5. Place tape over cut. Do not pull or stretch the tape. Tape should go beyond the cut by at least 1/2".
  6. Match another piece of tape on opposite side of sail.

When traveling, we do recommend a repair kit for on-the-fly repairs where a repair facility may not be accessible.