Jobs at MACkite BSC


MACkite is a fast-growing online business. We are currently expanding our team to meet the demands of this growth. Our core values are: 

  • Work Hard. Play Hard.
  • Knowledge Powerhouse
  • Unforgettable Customer Service

We are searching for individuals who are like-minded and would love to take part in our sport. Please send your resumé to! 

Job listings 

Send us your info:

If you are motivated to work in the outdoor industry, want to have a lot of fun doing it, and can bring a solid skillset to the table please reach out to us. We are looking for the right people for our company, the "Doers of Things", and we are willing to look at all opportunities that can help MACkite grow as one of the premier outdoor consumer-centric companies in the US.

So if you are a "Doer of Things" and you are good at it, hit us up below and start a conversation with us. We are always looking for the right person to fit into the right spots, even if we do not even know those spots are needed yet!

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