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Here at MACkite Kiteboarding, we have a customer-oriented attitude, and if these comments we've received from our customers are any indication, that attitude shows in our service!

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Jan 2018

"Haven't tried the Turbine (kite) yet but the service at Mac was top notch. Super fast, trouble free delivery."



Jan 2018

"The product looks exactly like displayed on the website and has a very good quality. As I had to return the product because I ordered the wrong size, the customer service was always very quick to answer and efficient to send the right size."



Jan 2018

"These guys go above and beyond to service their customers! Great products! Great knowledge of the products they sell!"



Jan 2018

 "They are very friendly and professional. I have ordered several time from this company and they always make great efforts to satisfy customers."



Jan 2018

"Great quality, even better customer service"



"Multiple transactions, they are excellent. Always a pleasure to deal with for our kite gear!"



"Bought the package having looked around a lot online and the prices were pretty much unbeatable. Everything shipped super quickly, and everything arrived in perfect condition. Got out on the water a couple times since and it's an awesome setup for learning. I ended up going with the 12m and edge 146. It's a really awesome kit, and there is 0 way I will outgrow the kite although I'll probably end up getting a smaller board"



"I just got into kiteboarding in the last 9 months. I bought my 12M Envy from Mac when I got started and loved it. Lately, I've gotten tired of renting 8-9M kites on stronger wind days. Renting gets expensive and I rarely like the kites as much as the Envy.... so I bought my 2nd Envy, the 9M version of the same kite I already had. And I can't say enough good things about Mac's online customer support team. So informative, helpful and friendly."

- Michael


"Thank you so much for an excellent customer services provided by BoardSports in the Chat Room.  My concerns were resolved within 3 minutes.  I love MacKiteBoarding !!!"

- HaLe


"Don't underestimate the Hydra 420! Purchased this kite to play with both on snow and water. Figured since it's just a "trainer" kite, I'd go with the largest model, hoping it might at least pull my 190 pound carcass a little bit. Oh man! First time out on the snow, just in boots, (not skis yet, fortunately!), this thing drug me all over the place. What a blast! I seriously doubt I'll ever need anything bigger for what I want to do. Really well made and easy to fly. The folks at Mackite were amazing to deal with and really helpful. Shipping was really fast too."

- Ronald


"The bar is great and the purchase and delivery process from Mackiteboarding was effortless. And the package arrived a day early! So thanks guys, you will see me again."

- Sarah


"I cannot THANK and applaud the Customer Support enough at Mac Kiteboarding.... they have always exceeded my expectations and have assisted me with any problem I have ever had with equipment. My thanks, I will be a lifelong customer!"



"You guys are great!!! It is always a pleasure to come back to you!"



"I am just writing this email to thank MacKite! I just used my new Rebel and Click Bar on the weekend and I loved it. It definitely put a smile on my face. Thank you for the great support!"



"Just want to say Thank you to the whole crew at MACkite for turning my day around and sending me back out into the world Stoked! You guys are spreading good vibes and the world needs em! Keep spreading the Stoke!!!"



"You guys seriously rock! I am ready for some new kites this year and you will be my first stop when it comes to getting them! Thanks"



“Amazing customer service and a knowledgeable staff”



Great place for lessons and gear! I have purchased kiteboarding and snowboarding gear based upon the advice of the staff and couldn't be happier with my purchases.



“These guys know their business, had a blast at my kite surfing lessons and had the best service when buying my gear. They have my business from now on for sure!!!!!



“Super helpful and speedy shipment. Love the live chat - makes the entire ordering experience a bliss. Not to mention that everyone is so responsive and knowledgeable! We will be back soon!!



“I really want to comment on the excellent care received by Mac kites . congratulation to you!!!



“These guys rock!!!! Customer service is impeccable. I would recommend buying from them in a heart beat!!!



“They know their stuff, and will get you set up with the right gear.”



“What a fun, fantastic, fabulous day! Great service and fun adventure! Thanks!”



“Big thanks to Tucker and crew for going above and beyond!”



“Good service on target always best prices”



"I ordered some rip stop Wednesday and it just arrived! Even called me on the phone to double check the colors I picked out, very friendly and awesome service. Cheers!"



"I don't even know where to start. These guys are so awesome!! I'm a new kiteboarder and I put together a large list of items to purchase. Every person I spoke to was super friendly and helpful. They gave me advice on the different options of gear and helped me select the best products with out being pushy about anything! Along with that great service came some amazing prices on some really sick kites, harness, board and other accessories!! 
Thanks again MACkite!!"



"Thank you so much!  Once again Mac Kite surpasses my expectations in service, support and sales! It's why I really don't go anywhere else. Can't wait to get out on the water and roll that Dice!"



"Exceptional Customer Service! Just ordered my first kiteboarding setup and couldn't be happier with the crew over at MAC! Called the store direct and after talking with Steve, I ended up with an awesome rig at an awesome price! I live in Puerto Rico and buying local is a hassle and usually too expensive, Steve and the guys at MAC made my experience a breeze and I look forward to doing business again in the future! Thanks again guys!

"I want to THANK MacKite Surf Shop for helping us really get our Surf and SUP unit going the past few years. With the use of the SUP trailer and surfboards we have purchased from MacKite, we have 21 boards this week to help GHHS students learn to ride. Can't say enough good things about these guys!! Thanks for ALL you do to support the Outdoor Education Class at Grand Haven High School!!

-Derek Warner"

Two days later...
"Can't believe this is a high school PE class...GREAT waves today, much cooler air and water, but ZERO complaints, only long rides and smiles!! Thanks MacKite Surf Shop!"

Dear MACkite,

I recently purchased the Rush Pro IV 350 from you. The kite was recommended to me by someone on your team who fielded questions during an online chat. The responses were right on point and, after looking at other options, I ended up buying it from you. I live in Oregon and flew the kite this weekend on the shore. The wind was perfect and I had a blast. The performance of the kite was better than I was expecting. Thanks for your great customer service.

p.s. I've got family near you in Michigan so I'll be flying on Lake Michigan too.

Fred flying his new Rush 200 trainer kite3/14/12
Fred, on his new Rush 200 Trainer Kite...

"Oh yea already flying; Thanks for the Great Service"

Paje kiteboarding beach in Tanzania1/17/12
"Hi MAC Kites!
I just wanted to give you all, especially Jeff, a big thank you for helping me pick out my kite boarding gear when I was in the US. I am incredibly excited to be back in Tanzania and getting some good use of it. In case you all were wondering what kite boarding was like in Tz, I attached a picture from my first kite boarding excursion in Zanzibar. The beach is called Paje and it's on the east coast of the island. I don't feel the picture quite does justice to the scenery, but I'm still developing my photography skills. Thanks again!


"Hey Nathan. Thanks so much.

I wanted to let you and Jeff know that I posted glowing reviews of MACKite on Yelp, Google Reviews, and my own Facebook wall. I also +1ed you on Google.

I am so grateful for your help in this matter. Top notch customer service. Keep it up.


"Your customer service is amazing. Very impressed with the folks at MacKite. I dealt primarily with Jeff and he went way out of the way to make sure that the buying and shipping experience was exceptional. I purchased a SUP from MacKite for my wife's birthday and when I have a need in the future with respect to a product that MacKite carries, my first call will be to them. You sometimes hesitate when making a substantial purchase online - I have no hesitations whatsoever in dealing with Jeff and MacKite in the future.
Matt, Cumming, Georgia, USA"

"Your customer service is amazing. Everytime I call the ladies are always very friendly and are very willing to take the time to answer my questions (sometimes more than once per day) Jeff did a great job with the paddle board lessons on Reeds lake this week. He was very attentive to each student and made sure we all had a great time. I appreciated that he took the time to personalize the lesson for us, find us the right board and teach us some things that will be helpful when shopping for my own board."

"hey guys!!!
i could not be happier with my new 2011 15m Envy!!! the kite is exactly what i have been looking for!! i cant wait to get it in the surf!!!
i want to thank you again for the amazing deal you gave me on it!!! i will definitely be doing business with you again!!!

"Many thanks!
The kids are loving it...a photo of my 9 year old flying it last week is attached!
Thx again! LEO

P.S. - [Make sure you understand] that traction kites are not toys....training is involved before I ever strapped my kids into a harness :-)"
Flying the HQ Hydra kite

Flying the HQ Hydra kite And in a follow-up letter...

"Just as you got [these photos] up, we got a fantastic pair of shots weeks ago.

The wind in Minnesota was up, and my 10 year old was able to tow his sister using the 3M Hydra!

The pair of photos are attached.... I thought you'd also like the one of him with the big session grin on his face too!


Flying the Prism P411/08/10
"My dad and I have been flying kites from your store for about the past 10 years. Last year, I moved out to NJ for work and now I'm located relatively close to the Atlantic Ocean. There is always a good breeze down at the shore and earlier this summer I picked up a P4 from your website. I have been able to use it quite a bit and introduced a few people to joys of power kiting. The kite has performed amazingly and sure surprised some folks with the power behind it. Thanks for the great kite.

"John: WOW ! The packages arrived and it is more than I could have expected. The Cabrinha Convert sail, the Liquid Force Recoil and the Dakine harness are awesome. I really appreciate your guidance in buying the right equipment along with your flexibility in mixing and matching products to ensure that I got what I needed. The package price for all the equipment was unbelievable and along with the great service, makes your shop the best. I am more than impressed by your professionalism and will be sure to recommend you to anyone who is looking for equipment or advise. Thanks for everything.

"1st of all forgive my english im a foreigner!!! lol!!! i just wanted to thank you guys.you guys have the best prices, AND THE BEST BEST CUSTUMER SERVICE (MR JHON helped me out every step of the way answering all my questions very nicely and efficiently over the phone so a big big thanks to MR JHON again)....i called to place my order and i was amazed by receiving it just 2 days later!!!!! waaaaw...you guys rock and a million thankx again to the whooole team!!!! and im going to recomend your store to every single friend i have. one more time thank you."



You guys are GREAT! I just got the e-mail for my trainer shipping number... I am so stoked.

Your website is fantastic. Not only does it have answers to all the questions I had about the sport, and the mechanics of kitesurfing, but it's easy to navigate and it's well-edited.

Thanks again for the great customer service, and for being such a phenomenal resource.


P.S. - Believe it or not, but my 83-year old grandmother is a fan. She and I go to Pier Marquette and watch every chance we get. She says the kites look like butterflies, and that it's exciting to see how fast and high you guys can get going. She also said that if she were younger, she would try it. *grin* "

"To team Mackiteboarding and expecially to Steve. I wanted to thank you for the excellent service and the great deal. Also thanks for working on all the logistics of getting my gear over right on time. You have just inherited a loyal customer!


"Howdy Steve, I received the second Rev 13 that you sent me yesterday. I am absolutely thrilled with the colors and the beauty of this kite. I want you to know that I really appreciated your willingness to make the kite exchange to try another Rev 13 with different colors. This kite is of my dreams-- I feel something deep inside me is inspired by it's colors/beauty. Thanks for all the help over the phone and your tolerance and willingness to help me to get the right kite for me. This is the kind of service that makes a difference to me, and I will remember you and Mackite for it.

Best regards,

"I just wanted to say another big thanks to Nick, Joel, and Scott who were so great during my time kiteboarding at Muskegon. I am back in Fort Myers Beach (FL) and have had 2 real good sessions kiteboarding with fairly consistent transitions (so getting ready to get on with the jumping and toeside riding). Please say hey to Mark and all the locals who were so friendly and helpful also.

Thanks again!

"Hey guys,

I just wanted to drop you a note to say THANK YOU!!! for the kites and the deal.

They arrived Thursday, and I've already had 5 sessions on them. The wind was great the past three days and I got to use both kites quite a bit, flat water, waves with a surfboard, huge floaty airs... these kites are incredible! They surpassed my expectations in just about every possible way.

Thanks again!
Randy Kato"

"I was amazed at the speed I received my recent order!! Thank you for your incredibly prompt service."
- Rob

"Just took the 2 day kitesurfing camp and was extremely pleased with the quality and professionalism of the instruction. The instructors cover everything you need to get you safely into the sport. They are very patient and helpful, as they really want you to learn. Thanks for everything!
- Andy"

"Me and a friend have just taken the kiteboarding 2 day camp and it was awesome. Certainly I got my money's worth since learning by myself would take forever and it would be very dangerous. Before attending the course I had gone through instructional videos several times and they didn't cover important and crucial aspects that we were introduced to during the camp. The instructors are highly skilled, comprehensive and friendly. If you want to get into kitesurfing in the safest and fastest way, the 2 day camp is the way to go.

"I just wanted to thank you and Steve again for taking such good care of me......it feels SO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than when I was working with [another kiteboard company]....it was kinda like...hey thanks for buying our stuff...now quit bothering me... you're on your own....and good luck with those kites bro.....
So needless to say it's great to be riding on a top notch brand with a top notch shop with solid team and shop riders backing the product.
Thanks again

I was reflecting the other day about our trip to Hatteras in the spring. In hindsight, that was without a doubt, the best possible way to learn to kiteboard and to get plugged in to the local kiteboarding scene. The 2 day lesson with Matt and a full week of riding in a controlled / supervised environment was priceless. The shallow water definitely shortened the learning curve but the best part was the fantastic group of riders that were there (you included). It was great to meet so many different riders from all over, many of whom I've seen and ridden with throughout the summer. Their generosity in sharing their knowledge and encouragement blew me away. I was able to return home with a good foundation of skills to build upon. I cringe to think where I would still be if I tried to figure it all out by myself. It's not often these days when we can honestly say something far exceeded our expectations....but that is truly how I feel about the Hatteras trip. I had a great time, learned to kiteboard, and formed some wonderful friendships. Thanks for arranging trips like these and for everything you've done for me.

"I was in your Grand Haven store over the 4th [of July] and was very pleased with your customer service. A young lady ( Lisa ) addressed many of my questions."

"I purchased a kiteboarding package from Jacob a few months ago and just recently was able to use it a couple of times. I just wanted to write and say how helpful he was and thank everyone at Mac Kites for their dedication to the sport."

"About two months ago I bought the Boost video and started to seriously think about trying kiteboarding (I am a wakeboarder and snowboarder now). I dropped by the store in Grand Haven to look at the trainer kites and met Steve. If you have even the slightest interest in trying kiteboarding you have to talk to Steve. He showed me a lot of the gear around the store and got me completely pumped up to want to get out on the water/snow. I ended up purchasing a 3m trainer kite and I cannot wait until spring so I can take a lesson!"

"We love this store. We started going for the kiteboarding gear but our kids fell in love with it too. The staff is always ready to play with the kids and show them how the toys work. They have demos of the toys open so the kids can try them - which is such a great idea. One time Steve spent a good half hour playing Hulabaloo with our boys - we ended up buying it and another for our friends. If you're considering going there - DO! It's a fun fun experience!"
-Mike and Shanna

"I really enjoyed shopping at your site! You have some of the best prices and product choices! I liked the ease of using the site! And I loved the way you confirmed my order by email before you sent it. I loved the deal we worked out! It's Nice doing business with Good, Honest, Normal people! Your Customer Service is Excellent! I Loved my order, I'll definitely be shopping this site again!
Customer 4ever!"

"I wanted to thank you guys for the most exciting day I've had in a long time last Saturday at the Reed's lake Ice fly. Steve and Nick were extremely accomodating and eager to get my sister and I involved. We were hesitant with the big kite but now I can't wait to strap my board on and go for a ride, maybe next time."

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