Warranty Claims & Information

Warranty - General Info & Submitting a Claim

All new products sold through MACkiteboarding carry a manufacturer's warranty against manufacturing defects. This warranty period generally varies between 6 months and a year depending on the brand, and can be found on the manufacturer's website or included product literature. 

MACkiteboarding stands behind our customers for all warranty claims and helps facilitate this process. However, as we are not a manufacturer we do not warranty any products ourselves. All warranty claims need to be submitted and approved by the manufacturer or distributor. We are here to help present your case to the brand and work to figure out a fair and reasonable solution for any issue you might have with your gear.  This process generally takes 1-2 weeks. 

Warranty claims can be sent to warranty@mackite.com.

When making a warranty claim, please provide the following information. 

  1. Name, order number, best method of contact
  2. Describe the defect
  3. Closeup picture(s) of the defect
  4. Picture of the serial number
  5. Picture of the entire product
  6. Any special timelines or address changes