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MACkite's Get to Know the Crew

We get it. You've got limited time, and need answers. When you call us at the shop, you'll get them. You'll be greeted by one of our kite experts that will be thrilled that you called - just like the first time you rode upwind! Here at MACkite, we understand the overwhelming sensation when you're purchasing your equipment, regardless if it's your first setup or your latest specialty kite. The massive amount of information readily available to any Customer we talk to is dizzying. We can help you dig through the nonsense and sort out the best possible solution for you!

Our team of kiteboarding experts' depth of knowledge is nothing less than impressive. With a variety of backgrounds themselves, coupled with the extensive information gained from relationships with kiteboarders just like you, we'll be able to make sure you're on the best kiteboarding equipment possible!

Our Team:

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Steve Negen

Steve has a more extensive history with the sport than most people you'll ever meet, regardless of the aspect. Steve is possibly the most efficient kite flier on the team; even weighing in around 200 lbs, he can make the most out of any kite and board package we throw at him. Read more...

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Nathan Patterson

Nathan Patterson hasn't been named one of the most influential people in kiteboarding, but then again the true pioneers rarely are. Throughout his career, he has gone from Nathan to Nasty, then back to Nathan to now Nate. These identify shifts have left him better than ever, albeit a bit unpredictable. Read more...

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Aaron Johnson

He may be old, but dang does this old cat have some spunk. When you call the shop, you're sure to remember your conversation with Aaron. That may be because it took 45 minutes, but more likely it'll be because you just made a new friend, and got some top notch gear advice in the process. Read more...

Jake VanderZee MACkite Bio

Jake VanderZee

The original "Jake", V has done it all at the shop. If you catch him on the phone nowadays, consider it a rare treat, as he's normally buried away in the back office working on the latest marketing piece. A tip to anyone making an incoming marketing call? Email He's never in the office ;-). Read more...

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Tucker Vantol

Tucker has been into boardsports since he was 4. With those 23 years of experience in surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding, and skimboarding the transition to kiteboarding was only a matter of time.After a few months of practice he was keeping up on the water. Read more...

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Jake Mitchell

If you want something done right, Jake M is the guy to talk to. Knowledgeable, well-spoken, and affable, he's sure to not only get you on the right gear, but make you feel good about your purchase. With humble origins, Jake M is not only a man of the people, but for the people. Read more...

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Lucas Negen

Althought Lucas is the boss's son, you'd never guess it. Laid back, humble, and well-spoken, when you're in Lucas's hands, you're in good hands. He spends most of his time in the warehouse, but occasionally surfaces for a quick SUP session, to play his guitar, or answer the phone. Read more...

Brad showing off his mad style!

Brad Doren

Resident snowboarding pro, you know you've got Brad on the line when the conversation starts with a protracted "Ummm...". Don't let that fool you though! Brad knows his gear, especially when it comes to foilboarding. Did we mention he's also the local foil aficionado? If going big is your M.O., Brad is your guy. 

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Ryan Goloversic

Dynamite instructor and video expert, Ryan wears many different hats here at MACkite. Read more...

Team Riders

Angela striking a pose!

Angela Michael

New to the team, Angela helps with all things web related. Find a new product you didn't know we carried? Thank her!



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Stephen Lee

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Marc Hoeskema