KoGL 2007 Photos

King of the Great Lakes

Kitesurf Competition

At the State Park (the beach) in
Grand Haven, Michigan

September 7 - 9, 2007

Men's Freestyle
1st - Kevin Steen
2nd - Andy Bolt
3rd - Mark Koenig
4th - Brad Knoth
5th - Skip Schott III
6th tie - Ken Rubenstine - Denis Foo Kune

Women's Freestyle
1st - Vlatchka
2nd - Sarah Stoepker

Juniors' Freestyle
1st - Daniel Koenig, age 14
2nd - Stefan Koenig, age 13
3rd - Eric Merrill, age 13
4th - Tommy Fields, age 15
5th - Artem Ognev, age 15

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We started in Grand Haven but soon moved to Ferrysburg where the pier made the waves a bit more manageable.

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