International Shipping Options

International Shipping Information

At MACkite, we're committed to you and your gear. We have opened up select international shipping in order to accommodate our customers. If you have a question about international shipping, please give us a call at 1-800-622-4655, email us (, or hop on our live chat

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship to Canada? 

We are able to ship via DHL or USPS. We recommend shipping with DHL because we have noticed the shipping times can be faster, and they are similar rates to USPS. USPS may have size restrictions with their packages. If there is a restriction, we will ship through DHL. Another option is to ship to a friend in the U.S. and pick it up when you have a weekend to spare. 

What services do you use for international shipping?

We use DHL and USPS for our international orders. DHL is our preferred international shipping company, but some customers may find it more expensive (dependent on their location). 

Will I have to pay duties and taxes?

If you're shipping internationally, you will be required to pay import taxes and duty upon arrival. This is not something that you pay with us, but rather something that will happen at customs. We have found a website that lets you find out your approximate cost

Will you place my order as a "gift"?

Under no circumstances will we place new items as a "gift" or falsify shipping documents. 

What information do you need upon ordering?

In order to properly fulfill shipping for your order, we do require a valid phone number and email. We also need the exact shipping address. We will confirm your shipping address with you. But, to doubly ensure proper shipment, please double check your phone, email, and shipping address before placing your order.