Slingshot Code V1 Review

Slingshot Code V1 Review

How’s it going guys? Dustin and Pat from are here to talk to you about the new Code V1 from Slingshot. We're excited about this one.

Slingshot’s Code V1 is a super stellar kite. It’s been a while since I've gotten on a Slingshot kite and just immediately fell in tune with it. The Code V1 is a three-stretch superstar that will be awesome for every kiting genre. It is some all-around kite but a master of none.

It is a three-strut, fast-flying, and super light on the bar. Honestly, I believe this is probably the best kite Slingshot in a couple of years. Many will be surprised at how fast it can go. The bar pressure was super light as soon as I got on it.

I could get into waves with it. It had a decent drift and incredible, huge, lofty, long jumps. I was genuinely surprised. The Code V1 has a surprisingly fast turning light bar pressure, but you can still tell where that kite was in the sky.

The kite was fast, turning through loops. Even with the 14 meters, I could still get a couple of loops and stuff. I wouldn't call them legit kite loops, but it was turning around for me. The relaunch was pretty stellar, quick, easy, and to the point.

The Code V1 is the kite I'm actually excited about for this year. It’s fun to ride. It is the kind of kite anybody from any genre can hop onto, from a beginner to an expert, and everywhere in between. It fills the gap for everybody.

The size ranges from 4 through to 14, so whatever size you're looking for, it will be able to accommodate that. This will enable you to customize your kite quiver to fit whatever you need for your riding condition.

The pros to this kite are fast turning and maneuverable light bar pressure. Some cons we noticed are the tendency to back stall if you overshoot it, and the leading-edge side needs a tune-down of the diameter.

If you have any comments or questions about anything, either email the shop, call the shop, or leave it down in the comment section below. We'll do our best to get back to you on that. 

1st Nov 2022 Pat Taylor, Dustin Chrysler

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