Dustin "Daewoo/Nitewoo" Chrysler

Dustin "Daewoo/Nitewoo" Chrysler


Dustin is a very interesting specimen. After working in the entertainment industry for years he decided to hang up the headphones and join the crew. For a man that would go on international tours with popstars like Justin Timberlake we still can't believe that he decided to work at this place. I mean the man was actually on JT's instagram! Even though he probably made a terrible decision to leave his dream job, we love having him here at the shop sharing his stoke with the crew and customers. The one thing we can all agree on is that he coudn't kiteboard on the clock at his old job. Dustin can boost better than pretty much everyone at the shop and is beholden to his beloved Motos. The dude loves to rip our local spot and enjoys ripping brews after the session even more.

Riding Stats:

Weight - 185 lbs on a good day

Riding Style - Dangle/Big air

Dream Quiver 

  • Kites: Moto 14, 12, 10, and 7m²
  • Boards: Duotone Jaime SLS.
  • Bar: Reedin Dream Stick
  • Wetsuit: Anything mystic


Who is Dustin?

  • Favorite spot to ride - Ferrysburg/Grand Haven, MI. Gotta keep it local!
  • When Did You Start Working at the Shop? 2020
  • Winging or Kiting? Kite
  • Coffee or Energy Drink? My body is a temple, so no caffeine
  • Big Air or Big Trick? BIG AIR
  • Order Picker or Forklift? Forklift
  • Waves or Slick? I'll take what I can get
  • Worst foil fall? Nothing too serious. Just a LOT of swimming after the wind dies and dodging boats.
  • GoJoe or Retractable Leash? Gojoe
  • Phone or Livechat? Phone, call me!
  • Warm n' Crowded or Cold n' Secluded? Cold n' secluded. #Crispyboy
  • College or drafted straight out of Highschool/Start of College? Drafted out of schoolhigh
  • Favorite Warehouse Memory? Sam left his clothes in the bathroom when he went out on a session. So we took his clothes and dressed up the manikin and shoved it 35ft up in the rafters. He realized his clothes were gone, but it took him a good while to find them. The entire time he was in his wetsuit. 
  • Work Transport: Onewheel pint or XR? XR, I'm a big dude 
  • Carbon or Aluminum? Carbon
  • Rope Slider or Hook? Hook
  • Goofy or Regular? Regular
  • Any "Kitemares"? When learning how to loop, I got so lost in the rotation I ended up throwing a boogie loop and landed so hard, I ended up with a rectus abdominal hematoma.
  • Fold or Scrunge Your Kite? Fold, never scrunch 
  • Anything Else the World Should Know About Dustin? I quit doing live sound for some of the largest acts in the world to work at this amazing company. Not to mention I can kiteboard all the time!

Top Gear Picks:

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