Pat Taylor

Pat Taylor

Pat "Enrique" Taylor


Pat is a guy that has done it all. It all started when he was just a wee teenager and he would spend hours talking with the boardsports staff at the old location. One day the crew was so sick of him wasting their time he was handed a broom and an offer to work at the shop. Working in the summer and going to school for the rest of the year he quickly established himself in the warehouse and as an instructor. After college he worked as an engineer, but now he is back at the shop as a focal point in the warehouse. Now that he is back to drinking... I mean kiting full time he has become quite a menace on the water.

Master of efoils, kiteloops, and post-session brews he is a wonderful example of a Mackite employee! 

P.S. If you are single lady that loves kiting feel free to give us a call and ask for Pat he would love to chat with you!

Riding Stats:

Weight - 190ish but can go to 175 if I need to

Riding Style - Dingles

Dream Quiver 

  • Kites: 14m² Eleveight FS, 10m² RS
  • Boards: Whatever is lying around
  • Bar: Reedin Dream Stick
  • Wetsuit: Mystic boi


Who is Pat?

  • Favorite spot to ride? North Muskegon flat water
  • When Did You Start Working at the Shop? 2013
  • Winging or Kiting? Both but kiting more
  • Coffee or Energy Drink? Coffee, about a pot of it in the morning.
  • Big Air or Big Trick? Why not both?
  • Order Picker or Forklift? Fork lift all day!
  • Waves or Slick? Slicks
  • Worst foil fall? Nothing to serious just a lot of long swims
  • GoJoe or Retractable Leash? GOJOE!!!
  • Phone or Livechat? Brodown on the phone
  • Warm n' Crowded or Cold n' Secluded? Cold n'secluded I'm a liability
  • College or drafted straight out of Highschool/Start of College? Both?
  • Favorite Warehouse Memory? Ripping the go-cart after hours with the shop crew.
  • Work Transport: Onewheel pint or XR? Keep those death traps away from me.
  • Carbon or Aluminum? Aluminum, I am cheap
  • Rope Slider or Hook? Hook
  • Goofy or Regular? Regular
  • Any "Kitemares"? Nothing since I learned how to kite other than a few long swims with a foil.
  • Fold or Scrunge Your Kite? Fold!
  • Anything Else the World Should Know About Pat? If there was an alligator present in his general vicinity that was less than 6ft I think I would fight it.

Top Gear Picks:

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    KOGL Test Fest 2023 KOGL Test Fest 2023

    KOGL Test Fest 2023


    $0.00 - $45.00
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    $0.00 - $45.00