Kite girls first crail grab

Kite girls first crail grab

The Cral grab is the least common grab seen on the beach. Mostly because it's not one you would think to do often. Taking your back hand and reaching for the nose takes some flexibility and core but it looks epic paired with rolls and rotations. For this video I'll cover the most simple variation. 

If you want to see the more advanced version check out this video by Rygo and Blake. They accidently called it a nuke grab but this video breaks down more varations of this grab. 

Step One - Pop or Jump

You can do this with a sent jump or a load and pop. It is easier to make the grab if you keep the kite low however. Load up you lines, lean back and pop off the water. 

Step Two - Getting the Board Close 

Bring your front knee into your chest and poke your back leg down. You can do this vertically as keeping the boar parallel to the water takes more skill and you will have to turn your back to the kite. For this variation, you can just tuck that front knee in close. 

Step Three - The  Crail Grab 

Reach your back hand across like you are bucking a seat belt.  Side note, if you grab your tail with the front hand that is called a seat belt grab! Make sure you grab the nose of the board. Not the area n front of your foot. That is a no grab zone in other sports. 

Step Four - The Landing

Spot your landing and let your legs drop. Land slightly downwind and smile. You just did your first crail grab. 

Kristen Cooper

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29th Apr 2021 Kristen Cooper

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