2017 Cabrinha Fireball: FAQs

2017 Cabrinha Fireball: FAQs

Q - Can I use the Fireball system with a non-Cabrinha kite?

A - Any Cabrinha kite that functions on the 1X system of the past few years will be absolutely A-OK. However, it might not be completely compatible with every other brand in regard to the compatibility and functionality of their security systems. WIth that in mind, it should work for most brands - the Fireball was designed for use on a four line depowering kite with a single line flagging system.

Q - Can Fireball be used on my other non-Cabrinha control systems?

A - No. Cabrinha rebuilt the bar and safety system exclusively for their 2017 product range. To use the system on older bars you may purchase an upgrade kit, but you’ll have to take it apart entirely and then reassemble it after installation with the spare part Fireball upgrade kit - product number KS7FBUPKT.

Q - Can the Fireball spreader bar be used with Quickloop?

A - Not a great idea. The Fireball was created with to work in harmoniously with the Fireball spreader bar, and the geometric and ergonomic differences could cause excess stress on your safety system, so it’s not recommended.

Q - Will the Fireball spreader bar work on my existing harness?

A - While perfection isn’t possible, the team at Cabrinha came pretty darn close. Compatible with the vast majority of harness brands on the market today, Cabrinha took huge steps to ensure that the bar could be utilized with just about any harness out there, from Ion to Liquid Force to Dakine and more. If you have any doubts about the fit, feel free to call the team here at 800-622-4655.

Q - Can Fireball be used with my existing spreader bar if I simply turn the hook upside down?

A - Negative, Captain. Don’t try to do that, the spreader bar using quickloop technology is not even close to the Fireball spreader bar in terms of construction shape - you’ll just end up endangering yourself if it gets stuck, wearing down your gear quicker, and not being able to fully enjoy the benefits of the Fireball control system. This system was designed from the very ground up solely for kiting, and was designed so that all of the components could work together for explicit purposes, making it difficult to add or subtract from the system without detracting from the overall performance. Trust us, the extra $99 is entirely worth it. Don’t believe us? Snag one today and try it out yourself - you won’t be disappointed.

Q - Is Fireball as easy to reconnect as Quickloop after deployment?

A - Yep. Product testing proves to be faster and simpler to reassemble than any other safety system on the market right now, even in deep water. Yes, I’m looking at you, kooks who ride too far out and have to blow their safety. You need this.

Q - Will using Fireball allow me to finally ride as well as Nathan?

A - That’s a solid maybe. Gear is one thing, but you just can’t replace raw, untainted shred - unless you actually kite more than once a year. This system is designed to allow for much greater levels of freedom in the upper body - especially through the 360 degree articulation that the system is catered towards. Less fatigue = more time shredding, bruddah.

Q - Is Fireball just for riding in surf?

A - Again, that’s a negative, Captain. The Fireball is for every rider that wants more freedom of movement, even if you’re on a twintip. Not only that, but the shorter distance to your core keeps the kite more directly controllable - leading to some even bigger airs for you. Even toe-side riding is easier. Win-win, hombre.

Q - What makes Fireball so special? I already have a working chicken loop.

A - The Fireball is a ball and socket connection - frictionless, built from the ground up for kiters. The rotational axis allows for riding that’s easier both on your mind and soul.

Q - Is fireball made for pro rider or a beginner?

A - The Fireball was designed for kiters - beginner, intermediate, advanced, the Fireball has come to rescue you all from the clutches of the chicken loop. The ease of use and better kite pull distribution is perfect for beginners, whereas the rotational functionality of the ball and socket system caters to pro riders looking for more freedom of body motion.

Q - Can Fireball be used for unhooked freestyle riding?

A - It’s possible, but not really your best idea of the session. The bypass leash connection point is on the ring of the 1X flagging line - flagging your kite out any time you unhooked. If you’re unhooking like it’s actually your job, you might want to avoid this particular system until your knees give out and you have to mellow out a little bit.

7th Jul 2016 Lucas Negen

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