Wingfoil Stance

Wingfoil Stance

Your stance while foiling any craft is a key for the highest performance and ease of use. In this blog we will go over the basics of your stance as it relates to your front and back foot offset from the centerline.

If you’re on a smaller wing keeping your feet closer to the center line. About an inch or two. If you’re riding a larger wing in lighter wind conditions you’ll want to have your feet offset by two to four inches. Your leading food will be near the heelside edge while your rear foot will be on the toeside edge.

This is going to give you a lot more response, stability and leverage over those big wings to help with turns and transitions. If you keep your feet too centered, sometimes a large wing can ride you more than you’re riding it.

Now if you’re riding a fast small wing or riding some waves its a good idea to keep the feet close to the center line. Otherwise it can get a bit too tippy and too responsive.

Once you’re aware of the general foot placement, you can experiment to find what works for your wing and board combo.

Tucker Vantol

MACkite's resident surf and "Hydrofoil Junkie." You can either catch him on the phones or on the water at dawn testing new gear. He is proficient at a myriad of sports, a shaper and passionate about getting his water time. When he discovered kiteboarding it took over as his predominate sport. The same could be said about hydrofoiling.

18th Nov 2020 Tucker

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