​Pop with Style - Half Loaded Tail Grab: Kiteboarding with Chris Bobryk

​Pop with Style - Half Loaded Tail Grab: Kiteboarding with Chris Bobryk

We're kicking off a fresh series of trick tips with Chris Bobryk and myself. We'll be covering the lost art of kite low line tension tricks. In an era of sent jumps and big air, it seems many have forgotten all the other aspects of the sport that make it unique. Kite low line tension tricks are the friendlier version of unhooked freestyle. We actually covered a lot of line tension tricks in our Ride with Blake series, but we never put the emphasis on keeping the kite low and not sending the kite.

In 2020, almost no one does this style and it's a shame. Kite low tricks look better and are not any more difficult to do. They open up the door for more style, more grabs and, if you do aspire to learn freestyle, they will bridge you into that discipline safely and easily over time.

First up, we'll break down a popped tail grab. The real name of this trick is a Half Loaded Tail Grab.

  • If you want more information, check out this  video I did in depth on how to pop.
  • I also did a follow-up  video on 3 tips to improve your pop. 

Loading the lines for a pop

Step One - Loading the Kite

Keep the kite at 45 degrees. It will stay here the entire trick. Bear off downwind to pick up some board speed. Lean back and edge upwind to load the lines. You don't need to edge as hard as you would for an air trick.

The key is to crouch low over your board as you load tension into the lines. In one fell swoop, lift up on your front leg and stomp down on your back leg. Jump off that leg and pull your back leg up into your chest. This will pop you off the water.

Step Two - The Grab

The tail grab is really easy on this one. Kick your front leg out straight in front of you. Bring your back knee into your chest as much as possible. Lean your shoulders back over your back hip. The tail will be right there for you to grab with your back hand.

Keep your front hand on the center of the bar. You can even split the lines with your hand for more control. The key to making this look good is poking your front leg out like a ninja kick. The closer you get your back knee into your chest, your hip over the tail, and the straighter your front leg, the better the grab will look. It also makes the trick easier. This is why advanced riders make things look so easy! They take something difficult and do all the right things to make it effortless.

Step Three - The Landing

You can simply let go of the board and fall into the landing. Point the nose of your board downwind towards the kite and land flat riding downwind. Keeping your front hand on the bar brings the kite forward and pulls you into a proper landing.

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