​Naish Apex Kiteboarding Footstraps Review with Ewan Jaspan

​Naish Apex Kiteboarding Footstraps Review with Ewan Jaspan

Yeah, what's up guys? I'm Rygo.

I'm Ewan.

And we're going to do another quick at-a-glance video. We're going to check out some of the Naish footstraps here.

So, yeah. We've got the Apex binding here. This has been one of the most popular and everyone's favorite binding on the market for the last few years, and I think that's mainly due to its comfort, its fit, and the adjustability is massive. These footstraps can adjust so much to your liking. I'll go through a little bit of how you can adjust them here.

So you can adjust these; you can move the straps closer together just like that, or back apart here. You can angle them or you can put them further forward and back. Also, they've got four points of adjustment here. So obviously, with the Velcro, you can just loosen them off a bit, tighten them up... whatever you want to do. They can go pretty big, obviously, but they're super adjustable.

They also come in two sizes. This is the 5 - 12 and then I think a 9 - 15 is the other one. The 5 - 12, for most people, just feet will fit in fine. The 9 - 15 is more for if you're wearing booties or something; it just gives you that extra bit of space. Also, they're super adjustable on the side here; lots of angle options.

They also come with two shock absorbers. So this is the hard. It also comes with the red one as standard, which is the soft. They're really easy to remove: you just pull them out or chuck the soft back in, or the hard or whatever you want, and press it in. I go with the hard because on a hard landing it actually gives me a little bit more protection, just a little bit more cushion. On the soft, riding around is super nice and comfortable, but on the hard landings you want a little bit more density in the foam, I think, so that's nice to be able to move between the two as well.

Overall, just a super-versatile footstrap. Really light, really comfortable, really adjustable, and pretty much everyone's favorite footstrap.

Yeah, and just from the the shop perspective as well, I like that you mentioned that you have a 9 - 15. I've spoken with a lot of people who have like a 12 or a 13 shoe. You'd be surprised how many kiters out there have big feet, and the Apex were the only bindings that I knew of for the longest time that catered to somebody with a bigger foot. So I think that's actually a huge point to mention on these, because if you have big feet these are one of the few straps out there right now that really cater to that. I'm sure there might be more now, but they were one of the first.

So cool, guys. Basic video- I mean, they're footstraps; we don't have to go super in-depth here. We're at three minutes almost. If you found the video helpful, give it a thumbs up, hit that subscribe button. We'll catch you later.


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