Hydrofoiling: 2020 Slingshot's new wings

Hydrofoiling: 2020 Slingshot's new wings

Heads up, this blog will be updated this week. We aim to keep these more extensive. Tuckers trying to catch up at the shop here. 

This will be the second part of this discussion. Last year we looked at 7 of Slingshots wing options. Those are all the same for 2020, so we will just focus on the three new designs to keep it concise.

Apollo 60 cm 

2020 Slingshot Apollo hydrofoil wing 

The 2020 Slingshot Apollo 60 foil wing will undoubtedly be a top choice for kiteboarders. Designed from a similar template as the Moses 633 (Ghost Whisper 91) the Apollo is the perfect blend of speed range, early lift, and maneuverability that freeride kiteboarders love. Lightweight riders will find this wing also works excellent for super light wind, wake foiling, and surfing.

Slingshot Infinity 65 Hydrofoil wing


Infinity 65 cm 

The 2020 Slingshot Infinity 65 foil wing is Slingshots new high-speed/ low-drag beast. Drawing similar top speed to the Warp speed, adding a touch of stability, and a better upwind angle the Infinity 65 is ideal for powered riding in a range of conditions. The trademark Infinity series inverted gull shape and winglets really add some directional stability and predictability which make hitting new speed records less stressful. Don’t let the wingspan and the surface area fool you, this wing is slim and trim, ready to blaze past your friends. 

2020 Slingshot infinity 99 Hydrofoil wing


Infinity 99 

The 2020 Slingshot Infinity 99 foil wing is Slingshots solution for maximum lift. Boasting a whopping 99.3cm wingspan and 2371cmsq of surface area, this albatross is ready to fly with minimal speed and the heaviest riders. Light to mid-weight riders will find it hard to maneuver and lacking the top speeds that they desire. This one is primarily for heavy riders in low-speed situations like downwind paddling and wing foiling.

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