How to install Kite Line Extensions

How to install Kite Line Extensions

3-meter line extensions are an invaluable tool that give you the ability to change the range and performance of every kite in your quiver. They can be added or removed to the end of your lines in about a minute and they make a huge difference in how your kite performs. 

Add them and you get: 

  • More Power 
  • Slower Steering 
  • Higher Jumps
  • Longer powerstrokes in light wind

Or take them off if you want:

  • more responsive handling
  • tighter kiteloops
  • faster steering
  • better wave performance.

How it works:

In light wind riding adding 2-3 meter line extension is sometime equated to adding another meter or two to your kite size. It can feel that way since your lines are longer and your kite further away from you, in turn it make the distance the kite travels through power zone or wind window Longer.  

If you are having a hard time visualising this idea, take out a piece of paper and draw a large V on it and put small hash marks or dots halfway up reach arm of the letter. Then connect the 2 end points in the center of the letter to each other with a light arc. That would represent your Kite's movement from one side of the wind window on short lines. Now do the same thing and draw the arch at the top of the letter.  Again this is the movement of your kite through the window. 

You quickly can see your top arch is a lot longer than your first arc and that is why your kite feels more powerful with the extensions. The more your kite is moving across the wind window the more power it can create. 

20th Apr 2020 Sam Light & Jake VanderZee

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