​How to Choose a Duotone Surfboard

​How to Choose a Duotone Surfboard

Quick Reference Guide

Pro Voke - Best for Strapless Freestyle

Pro Fish - Best for Progression & lightwind

Pro Whip - Best all Around

Pro Wam - Best Surf Feel and Wave Variety

Pro Session - Big Wave Performance

The Voke is as good as it gets with strapless freestyle

Pro Voke

The Voke is unique in the sense that it rides more like a high volume twintip. It has a wakestyle board outline and is made to pop hard, stay on your feet and not boot you during hard landings.

The board stays locked to your feet well during strapless airs and inspires confidence for riders looking to push the discipline and their personal limits.

It can be used in the surf and it does an okay job. If you want a performance waveboard, look elsewhere. If you want to ride the best strapless freestyle board ever made, look no further.

Choose this board if you want a board to goof around in the waves but your heart lies with getting big air and doing advanced strapless air tricks on a surfboard.

Pro Voke Size by Rider Weight

The Pro Fish is a easy-to-use performance board and lightwind secret weapon

Pro Fish

This is the most underrated surfboard I've ever seen. The wide platform and high volume make for a crazy easy board to progress on. I've used this in tiny lake waves, to large steep overhead waves. Granted, these steep waves were not that powerful in my local spot. Regardless, the board was almost impossible to fall off. The stability was beyond impressive. The only drawback was learning to put more energy into my turns. Once I learned the correct foot placement, the board became reactive and a great tool with the less than ideal conditions I often face in regards to waves.

The Fish is also one of the most effective lightwind board options available in the surf shape. Often, riders want to double down with their surfboard as a lightwind option. The issue is that most surfboards are not effective at the job. The Fish is one of the few that works well in this dual purpose.

Choose this board if you are new to wave riding or intermediate level and you want something that will help you progress faster. If you are more experienced, it's not as reactive as the other boards, but do not mistake this for a beginner board. It will surprise you if you let it. If you need a surfboard that doubles as a lightwind board, this is the one.

Pro Fish Size by Rider Weight

The Pro Whip does it all well, from strapless to wave riding

Pro Whip

This is the most popular all-around surfboard from Duotone. It's also been my personal choice for three years now. What's nice about the Whip is the versatility. It's a great strapless freestyle board. It has similar pop to the Voke, something I appreciate in flat water, chop or even off the lip of a wave. The landings are not as soft as the Voke but you get a much better wave board. In the waves, the Whip performs well. It can be a bit fast at times, but in smaller or mushy waves I find this to be useful. I've used it on larger waves as well and it does work. Granted, once waves get steeper and heavy, the board can be a bit fast for me.

Choose this board if you want the best all-around tool from Duotone. Waves, strapless and a genuinely good feeling board.

Pro Whip By Rider Weight

The Wam is a wave machine from small to large with a true surf feel

Pro Wam

The Wam is an all-around board aimed at waves. That means it will not pop or offer as much strapless freestyle performance as the Whip or the Voke. It will perform well in a wider variety of waves. Small, medium and large, this board does it all and has a more traditional surf feel to it.

Choose this board if you only want to focus on waves and need one board for all the conditions you might encounter at home or on a trip. If you are already a surfer, you might find that the more traditional shape is appealing as well.

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The Session is for medium to large waves with lots of power and speed

Pro Session

This is the big wave board offering from Duotone. It has options for strap inserts and it can be used as a quad or a tri fin. This would be a good choice for an experienced surfer living somewhere with larger waves.

Living on the Great Lakes, our waves range from shin high to a bit over head. They are generated by wind, often messy, and they can vary from powerful to big and mushy. With these conditions, I've never had a need for the Pro Session and for many riders living in less than prime conditions or who might not ride waves as often, this might not be the best option. If you are an experienced surfer, you will likely know if this is the board for you.

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