Duotone Jaime at a Glance

Duotone Jaime at a Glance

The aim of this video is to help you decide if the Duotone Jaime is the right kiteboard for you.

What kind of kiteboard is it?

Freestyle Freeride 

  • Fast 
  • Pop-you-off-the-water feel
  • Will fit most levels

Who is this kiteboard for?

The Jaime is a freestyle board but it is a good fit for almost everyone. From the older rider who wants a fun poppy gentle board to the advanced freestyle rider looking to push it on the water. I know, I know, that is such an overused statement in kiteboarding reviews. I can't even stand it! But in this case it's true. The Jaime is simply awesome for most kiteboarders out there. Its performance minded, with lots of smart tech to make it fun in a variety of conditions. Most importantly, it's fun to ride, it feels good and it gets the job done with flare. 

Who might not want this kiteboard?

Anyone who wants to boot up and ride wakestyle would be better off with the Gambler. The grind base and rocker are a great combo for those powered landings in boots. Again, Booted up freestyle riders might prefer the Team Series for something competition ready but not quite as fun to ride in straps or chop. 

Ryan (Rygo) Goloversic

Many people dream of quitting their job, traveling the world and pursuing their passions. Rygo is one of those people who pulled the trigger. A few years into his career, he decided to change everything and travel as a kiteboarder, freelance videographer & writer. His mission is to share the stoke & help people put the boarding into their kiteboarding. Get outside and kite!


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25th Feb 2021 Rygo

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