Cabrinha 02 Kiteboarding and Wing Foiling Collection

Cabrinha 02 Kiteboarding and Wing Foiling Collection

Exciting NEW gear from Cabrinha for Fall 2022/23. A new line of foils and two new foilboard models landing soon.

Cabrinha Fusion X-Series MKII Foil Set

The Cabrinha Fusion MKII foils are an adaptation of the Fusion design we've come to know and love, with an injection of speed and glide which makes them better suited for high performance riding. They added a horizontal fuselage screw to really lock in the fuselage for maximum stiffness.

Not sure that was needed on this model but can't hurt, right?

Cabrinha Link Wing Foil Board

The Cabrinha Link board is a sinker wing board and prone crossover which packs some serious volume for its short, narrow outline. Advanced riders will be jumping (sometimes literally) for joy with this model.

The strap options make it quite adaptable so if you are picky about your strap layout, this might be the board you've been looking for.

Cabrinha Logic Foil Board

The Cabrinha Logic kite/wake/pump/tow foilboard fills the void in the Cabrinha lineup. Bringing a small, light board with enough volume to not get lost in waves and rip currents.

It is also notably stiffer which is ideal for advanced performance and pumping.

4th Aug 2022 Tucker Vantol

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