F-one Strike CWC Wing

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F-One Strike CWC WingF-One Strike CWC Wing

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Freeride / Lightwind

The light wind wing revolution. F-ONE brings another breakthrough design with the STRIKE CWC and offers unique sensations in light wind conditions.


  • Revolutionary Compact Shape
  • Light Wind Weapon
  • Unique Geometry
  • Touch Control
  • Fantastic Maneuverability

F-One Strike CWC Wing sizesWhat is the CWC?

Nearly two years after the release of F-One's first Swing, they have found a way to add surface to the wing without compromising lightness and performance. The new Compact Wing Concept allows adding more surface into a given wingspan. They have added 2 struts to the existing one, offering the most compact shape on the market for the bigger sizes.

The first 3-strut wing is not just a wing with 2 more struts. It has been a thorough process to control the twist of the 2 struts, and therefore the power and performances of this new wing. The high-performance design in the rest of the STRIKE range and the incredible control of the cloth tension was a necessary base to start such an ambitious design program.

F-One Strike CWC Wing areaThe two extra struts increase the wing's surface without increasing the leading edge's length and diameter. Once F-One was able to fit a 6m into a short 5m leading edge, they were then able to build a 7m and 8m with the same concept.

The control of the leading edge's length offers more rigidity in the canopy, and the trailing edge is completely controlled, adding performance. Because touching the water while riding is one of the big sizes' issues, F-One has also worked on the tip's profile.

The tips naturally stay away from the water's surface. If they do hit the water, their design allows them to glide over and not stop you as it normally would. This allows you to ride with your hands at a normal height and not with your arms above your head. This new geometry brings great power with ease of use, and therefore a super light feel with less wingspan.

The wing is more maneuverable- easier to flip around when on the water. Pumping is super easy and gets you planing in no time as the wingtips don't touch the water when you bend your arms. This unique compactness allows a very comfortable ride with big wing sizes. Light wind riding will soar to new levels of performance.

Compact Wing ConceptWhat's New?

Compact Wing Concept
The patent-pending Compact Wing Concept is a F-ONE innovation. This new design offers an easy to handle compact shape as well as amazing light wind riding sensations without any compromises.

Triple StrutTriple Strut
With its two additional struts, this unique wing geometry allows for added surface into a given wingspan.

PowerThe Main Advantages

The wide surface of the wing allows you to enjoy the lightest winds. Pumping is super easy and gets you planing in no time.

The reduced span makes the wing very maneuverable considering its wide surface. It is also easy to flip around when on the water.

Controlled Wingtip TouchControlled Wingtip Touch
The additional struts add a curve in the wingtip. They naturally avoid the water even when bending your arms. In case the wing touches the water, the tips just glide and stop you from falling.

Mondial du Vent 2021The CWC in Action

At the first wingfoil world tour event of the 2021 season, Mondial du Vent 2021 in Leucate, France, light conditions made it pretty tough for most of the competitors, yet Titouan Galea won the finals with the latest 6m CWC prototype which allowed him to ride at ease in under 10 knots.

 F-One Strike CWC Wing wind range


 F-One Strike CWC Wing

 F-One Strike CWC Wing

 F-One Strike CWC Wing

 F-One Strike CWC Wing

 F-One Strike CWC Wing

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6 Reviews

  • 5
    Light weight- Great for Light Wind

    Posted by KH on 16th Nov 2022

    I was concerned I couldn’t handle a 7.0 being 5’7”.. no problem actually getting this going and keeping the tips out of the water.. very user friendly..… slow gradual pump and up and off y’ go.

  • 5
    Love, love this 8m wing

    Posted by Clay Karmel on 29th Nov 2021

    Got it yesterday, sailed today in 6-10. Tremendous grunt. Easy to pump onto foil. Very well behaved for such a big wing. No whitecaps necessary!

  • 5
    8m F-one strike

    Posted by chuck vali on 8th Nov 2021

    It makes light wind so much fun. All my friends want one now.

  • 5
    CWC 7

    Posted by Andy Keeler on 1st Nov 2021

    By far the best light wind wing I've tried or owned. it supports itself in low winds and makes slogging really easy. It really does bounce up off the water if you let the tip touch, It also feels like a Cadillac hooked into the harness in low winds - I went as fast in 10-11 mph on an Axis 1060 (13.5 mph) as I have on that wing with smaller handwings and higher winds (haven’t had a chance to try it with faster Axis wings yet — only very low wind trials). I don’t know how low I can actually go with it (hard to read windspeeds for me) but it is absolutely getting me on foil at least 3 mph lower than I could before with previous 6 or 5.5 wings.

  • 5
    f one strike cwc 6m

    Posted by Phil Hill on 22nd Sep 2021

    Awesome wing F one is the best with kites and wings

  • 5
    great light wind wing

    Posted by Kai Potter on 16th Sep 2021

    Game changer for our not very windy sessions

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