Power Kites and Foils

Power Kites and Foils

Power kites also known as power foils or traction kites are used for harnessing the wind.  On a windy day a power kite will pull you 10 feet into the air or whip you along on a kite buggy going 60mph.  There are basically 2 types of power kites.  

The first type, a non-depower foil is a straight forward design with either quad line handles or a kite training bar.  This type of kite is very easy to use and has 2,3 or 4 lines.  The amount of pull you get is dictated by the wind speed and position of the kite.  Generally speaking they are less expensive than a kite with the ability to de-power.  Some of our favorites in this area are the HQ kites Rush series, Prism Tensor (all sizes) and the HQ kites Symphony for kids.

Of course the second type of power kite is a kite with the ability to depower or bleed away power while in flight.  This is similar to the way a sail on a sailboat works.  Push the sail away and the boat has less energy.  Push the bar away on a power kite and the kite has less energy.  Our favorites in this catagory are the HQ kites Apex and Matrixx.  They both provide incredible performance with a great value.  Your HQ kites Matrixx will also double as a kiteboarding kite.

Remeber as you are looking at power kites you will want to consider your uses - landboarding, buggying, just getting pulled around or kiteboarding training.  Next you will need to consider your weight, who else may use the kite and then how windy it is around your area.  MACkiteboarding's staff rides and flies most everything so please give us a call, chat or email and we can help you choose the right power kite for your needs.

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