2 Day Kiteboarding Lesson with Free Slingshot B2 Trainer Kite


Live Your Dreams - Learn to Kiteboard!

Alright, you've finally decided to dive into this magnificent sport we humbly call kiteboarding. This course, our most popular for beginners and those needing a refresher, is held 2 times weekly throughout the spring, summer and fall. Our 2 Day Camps are the ideal way to become a safe and self-sufficient kiteboarder. As our most comprehensive class, we will cover all of the knowledge areas of kiteboarding, begin to work seriously on the skills needed to get you riding, and finish with a personalized gear recommendation.  Our goal for this class is to make you comfortable and safe enough to progress on your own. Book with friends or family to make the learning experience even more fun!

Camps run for approximately 4 hours each day and are available in the mornings*. There will be no more than 3 students to an instructor.

When you book a date, that puts you on the schedule for the 10-2 lesson on that day and the following one. If you book for a Saturday, your lesson will be held on that Saturday and Sunday.

We will provide all the necessary gear including wetsuits and booties.

We will also send you a complementary Slingshot B2 trainer kite for you to practice before your lesson! This helps to reduce the learning curve for kiteboarding.

Suggested items to bring with you on the day of your lesson:

  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Water
  • Wetsuit or Boardshorts (If you have them)
  • Helmet (if you have one)
  • Stoke

What We Cover:



Safety & Riding

Weather concerns Kites, boards, & harnesses Safety procedures Land based self-rescue
Wind speed & direction Gear set up, rigging, & tear down Flying an inflatable kite Assisted launch/land
Wind window Set up troubleshooting Basic kite skills Self-launch/land
Obstacles & impediments Gear care Procedure review Relaunch
Suitable kiteboarding locations Personalized gear fitting Body dragging Land based mock board start
  Riding posture Water relaunch
Water board starts** Water based self-rescue

**Skill, time, & weather permitting


The Not-So Fine Print

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy

You may cancel your lesson or camp up to 10 days prior to the camp for a full refund. We will do our best to reschedule lessons to accommodate yours and the instructor’s schedule. Any cancellations 24 - 48 hours before your lesson will result in no refund.

When rescheduling, please remember that we have a limited number of spaces available for each lesson. Any cancellations may result in another potential rider losing their spot for a lesson. Thank you for taking this into account.

No Wind? No Worries!

We will cover everything else that you need to know for kiteboarding, such as wind directions, safety, kite setup, the basics of launching and landing kite, as well as self-rescue.

You'll be surprised with just how much you can learn in light wind conditions. 

In most cases, the wind shows up in time to finish the lesson. We reimburse in the form of in-store credit or refunds in the event we cannot reschedule for any unused portion of your lesson.

If you have any more questions, feel free to call or email us at any time. Remember, if you don't start this year, you will still be just watching next year, wishing you were on the water with us.

Sign Lesson Waiver Here

 Sign Lesson Waiver Here


About MACkite Lessons Center

MACkite has been offering lessons for over 15 seasons and we’re pumped for another season of teaching students the life-changing sport of kiteboarding! We offer all of our summer lessons at the MACshack at 1801 Beach St in Muskegon, which is reserved specifically for our students. Our instructors teach hundreds of students every year on how to ride safely and to learn the undying love of kiteboarding. We hook up our students with the latest gear - after all, we are in the business of making kiteboarders!

In the fall, winter, and spring, students will enjoy their lessons in our indoor teaching area at our Board Sports Center at 16881 Hayes St in Grand Haven. During those cold sessions, we will instruct you the basics while you remain toasty in our shop, then we’ll throw you outside to practice what you’ve learned.

Whether you’re kiteboarding or snowkiting, MACkite will follow you through the entire process. Why? It’s our job, of course! We love getting people stoked about kiteboarding.