2022 North Nova Wing

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  • 2022 North Nova Wing - Red
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2022 North Nova Wing

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Leash x  
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Sizes: 2.5m / 2.9m / 3.5m / 4.2m / 5m / 6m / 7m

What's Included: Wing, Wing Leash, Bag, Wing Compression Strap, Wing Repair Kit 

What North has to say about the Nova Wing

Maximum performance, minimum effort. No strings attached. Balanced and reactive, the Nova Wing generates more forward drive and upwind performance than anything you’ve ever ridden. At the heart of the Nova design is a super-stiff geometry for power and efficiency, enabling instant take-offs and a massive wind range. Intuitive transitions. Comfortable ergonomic handling. We’ve carefully positioned everything, from the XS Litevision panels to the low-profile handles, in the best place to trim the wing and make transitions safer and more intuitive. The tow-friendly wing shape with sweep and dihedral also helps keep it tracking when towing behind you on a wave. Whether your focus is on the flow of riding open ocean waves, carving or stomping out tricks, the Nova Wing will help you make the most your local conditions. Load up. Pump up. Ride longer. 


  • XLT Joint large diameter connection
  • Radial panel cuts
  • GeoStrut controlled curvature exoskeleton
  • GripLock handles and intuitive Y-handles
  • LiteVision XS skylite panels
  • Dacron canopy reinforcement
  • Kevlar strut connection
  • Dual HyperFlow rapid inflation /deflation system
  • Premium Teijin D2 TechnoForce Canopy
  • DuraLite scuff guard
  • Tow-friendly depower
  • Harness line attachment point
  • On and off-water performance



The extra-large T-Joint is the structural frame joining the leading edge and strut in the shape of the letter T. It has a larger diameter for optimum stiffness, enabling a lightweight and direct connection to the canopy without deformation, and keeps the profile flying in its intended shape.


Radial cut panels at the end of the GeoStrut distribute large amounts of load across the canopy in a range of directions. The canopy is a woven material, least stable when loaded at 45 degrees to the thread line. Radial cut panels help align the stronger weave of the canopy to the stress pattern, creating a stronger, cleaner canopy with less external patching to prevent distortion and help keep the weight in check.


The controlled curvature of the exoskeleton increases stiffness and performance, creating a more stable center profile that can still depower and produce less lift when you’re towing and riding waves. The concave side of the curve creates a stiffer frame, so there is less deflection and deformation in flight. The curved strut design also makes the wing more ergonomic and comfortable, bringing the forward handles closer to your body, and moving the rear handles away so you’re in a more natural position when sheeted in.


Ergonomic elliptical sandwich technology handles designed from a combination of multi-layer foam with reinforcement running through the center. The internal reinforcement is sewn within the handle to the strut, creating a strong, wobble-free connection with just enough stiffness for the handle to maintain its shape. The elliptical/hexagonal foam shape is more twist-resistant to the webbing around it, and the softer webbing material is comfortable in your hands, has very little twist in the handle both laterally and front to back, but is still flexible enough to fold up and pack away easily. The low-profile handles are positioned in the prime location for center of effort, and in the best place to trim the wing and make transitions more intuitive.


XS skylite panels improve the rider’s field of vision – allowing you to see what’s downwind of you before transitions. The windows are positioned in just the right place for a safer riding experience, without adding unnecessary weight and complexity to the design.


Chasing a stiffer rig, we moved to an ultra-stiff Dacron canopy reinforcement that is different to that used in our kites and capable of high inflation pressure. We’ve also built stiffness into the design through the load distribution on the frame when it’s in flight.


A biaxial kevlar (aramid) fiber layer provides internal strength and reinforcement to the connection between strut and leading edge. It is bias cut, so it can flex around the curvature of the strut, with a tight and accurate fit.


High volume single point inflation system with larger diameter hose for rapid inflation and deflation. Bayonet style main inflation valve compatible with most pumps. No adapter needed. Inflation connections on each side of the strut provide twice the rate of airflow on deflation. The two connections also help to lock the front of the bladder in place, providing support on both sides of the strut where the bladder is attached.


D2 Ripstop Fabric by Teijin. Premium high-density canopy material made in Japan, using high tenacity polyester yarn for lightness, high tearing strength and endurance. Teijin Techno Force has the highest strength to weight ratio and longest durability in the industry.


STPU scuff protection on the wing tips and seams. This is the same fabric used in the DuraLite seam protection on our North kites, however as the wing doesn’t usually rest on its leading edge, it doesn’t need the foam inserts.


A soft knuckle-guard pad under the depower handle allows you to lock your knuckles up against the leading edge for extra stability when towing. The amount of sweep and dihedral in the wing also help keep it tracking smoothly without swinging around.


The harness line attachment point is in just the right place. Our optional harness-line and waistbelt accessories are easy to use and take all the load off your hands. This means more freedom, less muscle fatigue and consequently longer sessions.

North Nova Wing

North Nova Wing

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4 Reviews

  • 4

    North Nova 7.0

    Posted by John C on 24th Mar 2024

    The North Nova 7.0 wing is very powerful, even in a 10mph wind. Love the ability to foil in light air! I have found myself often reaching for the gap between the booms. I wish the front boom were longer. My only complaint. Other than that, a great wing for the price. I love the detailed direction that are supplied with North products. Bravo North!

  • 5

    Big step up in power control

    Posted by Ted on 1st Jul 2022

    I've tried several brands of wings, Naish, Armstrong, Slingshot and F-one. With the North Nova 2022 ridgid handles these wings surpasses them all. I have the 3.5 and 5.0. They have great low end power and intuitive control. The larger sizes are heavier than the F-One's so I'm sticking with my F-One 6 and 8m for my light wind wings. Highly recommended.

  • 5

    North NOVA 7 Meter

    Posted by Prayot Bun on 13th Jun 2022

    I was looking for a 7M wing for light wind winging (10-15knots). I heard the F-one CWC was the best, lightest, stiff and had pure grunt power....that’s what I was looking for. But no one had the CWC in 7M in stock. After waiting a couple of months with no inventory, I started looking for other brands. Takuma RS, D-Lab, Unit. I’m hard on my gear and I didn’t want to blow $1500 on a wing. After reading and watching Tucker’s review and Matt Nuzzo’s review from Realwatersports in regards to the North Nova’s capabilities I was sold. The only worry was the weight issue I read about. But after ignoring those reviews, I contacted MACKITES Lucas and Tucker shipped mine wing all the way to Japan. First session I was impressed!! For a 7 meter it only needed 4 PSI, which I found confusing. I took it out it conditions that a 4.2 (20MPH) would of been used but the 7M was what I had on hand! The NOVA has pure grunt power, instant power as soon a I pull on the handles. Normally I pump like a mad man to get on foil, not with this wing I got on foil by just sheeting in. The 7M handles the gust just as good as my Ocean Rodeo Allulla 5M. It didn’t rip my arms off during the gust and it didn’t overpower me at all. The handles are soft, comfortable and most of all a step above soft handles. You can make micro adjustments on the fly and tacking/jibes can be done easily one handed. The windows I actually use because it’s actually placed in a correct spot! Most of all, the weight issues I was worried about were non existent. I have 5M and 6M wings that are actually more heavy or about the same weight as the North NOVA 7M! Overall I’m really happy with this wing and I’m glad I made the purchase. I would definitely get another North wing in a 5M or 4M in the future!

  • 4

    Rigid air frame

    Posted by Aaron on 16th May 2022

    I’m really happy with the 5M. It is very rigid and out performs the other wings I’ve tried. Good upwind angles, depowers well, handles are awesome. It’s on the heavy side, but at this size I don’t mind. Highly recommended.

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