Waydoo Flyer One Plus eFoil Prop Swap

Waydoo Flyer One Plus eFoil Prop Swap

Hey guys, this is Pat from MACkiteboarding.com here to talk to you about the new Waydoo Flyer One Plus power unit. A neat feature this year is that it's mostly tool-less now for swapping out props. They are coming out with two props for this year for the Flyer One Plus: they're doing the speed prop, which is installed on there right now, and the power prop, which gives you a little more low-end torque. I'll show you how to swap these out. It's a quick and easy process that takes all of a minute, minute-and-a-half.

Pop the back prop housing off. This year it's just a twist and pull out, so just a quarter twist, nice and simple. Then with the allen key that Waydoo provides in the case that the board comes with, just slide that through the nose cone of the prop. I usually hold it with a towel or something so I don't end up cutting my hand on the prop or anything like that. Break it loose with that, then you can just twist the nose cone off by hand. Then the prop should pop right out.

Take speed prop off, get the power prop, and pop it right back onto that center post. Get the nose cone, screw it back on there, and use your allen key to torque it back down. Make sure it's nice and snug. Grab the prop housing, line up the slots, and then give it a twist until you hear it click into place, and that's it. You swapped out your prop.

It's a quick and easy process this year. It's nice to see Waydoo keep improving and changing stuff as the years go on and keep updating the system. This has been Pat with MACkite, checking out new Waydoo Flyer One Plus. If you guys have any questions, leave them in the video comments down below or give us a call at the shop. Thanks!

9th Aug 2022 Pat Taylor

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