Moses 72cm Mast review - S.F. Joe

Moses 72cm Mast review - S.F. Joe

With the popularity of larger and larger wings, Moses came up with version 2 of their masts for those wings, the stiffer 72cm and 82cm. (Don't quote me, I am a bystander reading things online like you, but this is the conclusion that I came to. I don't speak Italian and can't ask Moses directly!).

When I started foiling, the "cool" thing seemed to be longer and longer masts, and short masts were for "beginners" (and sissys). So I had a hard time believing Tucker at Mackite for suggesting the 72cm when I told him I wanted to get into prone foiling (foiling on a surfboard) and SUP foiling. He mentioned to me that he uses a 72cm for kite, sup and surf. So I gave it a try.

Initially I was afraid of breaching, but liked the smaller size for rigging (fancy word for bolting everything together), storing, transporting and for its rigidity. It felt stiff while underway. I learned pretty quickly at what height to fly and breaches became very seldom, if ever, even in very windy/choppy conditions.

But what struck me pretty quickly was how much I loved the lower center of gravity, and how it helped with surf style on the foil. I enjoy riding rail to rail and I musters as much force as possible in carving turns, just like I used to back when I was a kid and growing up surfing. The 72cm Mast made this much easier being that the lower or closer you are to the wing, the more stability you have, and the more leverage. As I compared the mast back to back with the 91 and 101, it became very apparent that it was more stable and had less and less of a chance to buckle or jackknife during carving.

Oddly, some of the big wings I ride are longer, wingtip to wingtip, than this mast is tall! But, the mast has become my favorite for the 633, 683, 790, 873 and 1100. I haven't tried it on the 695, 590 or 637, although I suspect the 590 and 695 are best on the 91 (to ride surf style) and the 637 is best on the 101.

The 72cm is stout and I feel the connection is much, much more secure with huge wings. I think the harder you bank turns, the more you will appreciate a lower center of gravity and more stiffness in the connection to the wings.

-S.F. Joe

12th May 2020 Tucker Vantol

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