Let's Chat: MACkite Foil Showdown

Let's Chat: MACkite Foil Showdown

MACkite Foil Showdown: Who Wins?

If 2016 was the year of the foil (according to the ancient kiteboarder zodiac calendar), then 2017 is the year of foil refinement. Hydrofoils are being ridden for more than simply racing, and are now accessible for most riders. For goodness sake, Kai Lenny is ridding them without a tow-in on waves. 

What was once a simple choice has now become far more convoluted. However, with more options comes the opportunity to get something that better fits your riding style. Like eating at a cruise ship buffet, the right choice can leave you smiling and satisfied. The wrong - a feeling of sickness and regret. With over 50 foil / board combinations in our catalog, this year there are more options than ever before. This begs the question - which one is right for you?

Fortunately we have been in the foil game for a long time now and have tested and analyzed each choice to make it easy for you. Here are our 2017 winners. Every product in our catalog is quite special, but the below foils really impressed us.

2017 Budget / Entry Level Winner - Liquid Force Happy 4'10" w/ Slingshot Hoverglide Foil

For new riders and budget minded buyers this hydrofoil board setup is a lot of bang for your buck. The durable and highly buoyant LF Happy Board will keep you board starting in even the most gentle breeze with its wide tail and generous surface. Bonus - when you feel like getting out without the foil this board doubles as a lightwind surfboard or wakesurfer. 

The Slingshot Hoverglide has been hailed as a beginner's dream due to its optional Flight School adjustable mast system. Start out small and controlled and move up through the different mast heights until you are a masta-foil-blasta! Our experience shows that most students and customers who use this system learn twice as fast with less stress.

Source: © Copyright - Slingshot Kites - http://www.slingshotsports.com/

2017 Value Winner - Slingshot Alien Air Board with Slingshot Ghost Whisper Foil & LF Happy 4'5" Board with Liquid Force Happy Foil

The Alien Air has been a longtime favorite of ours for freeriding foilboards, and has only gotten better with the addition of the Ghost Whisper Foil. The Ghost Whisper Hydrofoil has the best of durability and performance with its lightweight and dampened carbon mast and wings, with the affordability and durabilty of an aluminum fuselage. Coming with the freeride performance wings, the Ghost Whisper will provide the most versatility for most riders while the Speedwings are available for those who want to break the sound barrier.

Source: © Copyright - Slingshot Kites - http://www.slingshotsports.com/

Sharing the spotlight in this category is the truncated Liquid Force Happy 4'5" Board with Liquid Force Happy Foil will leave you unrestricted and able to hang with freeriders and racers alike. This bombproof setup is perfect for the person wanting performance without all the hassle of less durable constructions. Ride hard, toss it in the rig, and repeat.

Source: © Copyright - Liquid Force Kites - http://liquidforcekites.com/

2017 Travel Friendly Winner - SS Converter with Ghost Whisper Foil

Kiteboarding travel can sometimes be a cruel mistress. Pack for high winds, it's bound to be light winds. Pack light wind gear, it's going to be cranking. Pack both, and your wallet is too empty for lunch. The 2017 Slingshot Converter Surfboard / Foil Board aims to solve that problem with one board. Simply pack your Converter Surfboard and enjoy the waves when the wind is on. If it gets light or you want to beat the chop, simply attach your lightweight Ghost Whisper Foil to your board and go cruise. At half the space and half the weight of two boards, your wallet and stomach will thank you.

Honorable Mention - Cabrinha Double Agent Board and Foil

The Cabrinha Double Agent comes in second for this category due to its durable and portable design. You can pack this entire setup into a small bag, and the twin tip construction of the board will keep you riding even if the airport decides to play toss across with your bags. We have found that the Double Agent Board with fins removed makes for a fun little lightwind skimboard as well.

2017 Performance Winner - SS Hypermiler with Silencer Foil

For all you "need for speed" types with dreams of Olympic gold (yes, we do think it will be an Olympic sport in the next few years), the 2017 Slingshot Hypermiler Foil Board and 2017 Slingshot Silencer Hydrofoil is the ticket for all your high speed, low drag, upwind madness. We won't go into too much detail, but understand that this board is the pinnacle of uncompromising efficiency and speed. Foils are fast, but this setup is Team Oracle passing, next level, face-melting fast. All this for a fraction of a custom made foil and all the support of the Slingshot customer service legacy.

27th Jan 2017 Tucker

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