Joe's Thoughts on the Moses 1000 Vs. F-one Phantom 1480

Joe's Thoughts on the Moses 1000 Vs. F-one Phantom 1480

I've had the chance now to test these foils back to back and so I offer my opinions to any interested...

Housekeeping: Moses 1000 front wing, standard kite fuse, 420 stab, 72cm carbon mast...

Fone 1480 stock with 85cm carbon mast

Board: fone 5'0" 60 liters

wings: fone swings, 3.5, 4.2 and 5m (all used for testing)...

conditions: winds steady, 12-25 in river swell

I've riden the 1000 extensively and purchased and have been riding the Fone Phantom 1480. Generally speaking these setups are incredibly similar. After all the analysis I could be happy on either foil setup.

But there are some differences:

LOW END: the phantom gets on foil slightly easier, ever so slightly. It has the tendency to want to "jump" prematurely from time to time to get on foil. The Moses 1000 gets on foil very easily and is a bit more predictable in its takeoff. The both can be ridden incredibly slowly and will stay on foil, especially with the wing overhead. You can crawl with nearly no speed with either foil.

TOP END: the Moses hands down is faster top end. The phantom isn't slow, it is pretty fast, but the Moses is faster.

CHARACTERISTICS AT SPEED: The phantom is much smoother which is how I would characterize its general disposition. The Moses whistles dixie, the Phantom is quiet. The moses is more prone to cavitation (from vegetation in the water, air bubbles, slight wing tip breach) whereas the phantom doesn't seem to have small cavitation issues. Some of it could be due to speed.

GENERAL RIDE: The phantom is gentle, smooth and quiet. It is soft. It is easy to ride. It is predictable. The Moses on the other hand is edgy, like a race horse wanting to be freed, crisp, fast, hard. The moses is stiffer in the roll but easy to turn in the yaw. The Moses is a fighter, the phantom is a lover. They are both very, very stable. They both point well. They both work well at any speed. The phantom carves a tad better, just a tad.

WEIGHT: The Moses is lighter.

QUALITY: The Moses seems better built in the machining and layup, carbon is flawless. Phantom is good, but just not quite as good, but still really good. The parts line up well, but just ever so slightly less well than the Moses. The Phantom comes with some nice covers. With Moses they are extra. I like the beefier mast base to board connection bolts with Moses. The phantom has m6 rather than m8 bolts. They probably work fine but I'm used to something beefier. The phantom takes longer to put together.

GLIDE AND PUMPING: Both wings glide and pump well. They feel a little different. I can pump further with the Moses, but I can pump better toe-side with the phantom. Don't know why. The phantom is easier to pump - probably because it has a softer roll. The Moses is edgy and has less drag - has a higher aspect ratio so the pumps seem to produce more drive. I can pump further on the Moses and better on the Phantom.

CARVING: The phantom is a tad easier to carve than the moses, but they both carve well. It has been said to me and I find it to be true that you want a foil that is great fast and slow, and you learn how to make it carve. It you buy a good carving wing and that is all it does then you will never have the top end speed and you end up with a lot of drag on the low end. I love carving wings, but now I've learned to make it a point to learn to carve the high aspect wings, and I get to keep the benefits of the high and low end, so I get all three.


Using Mackite's website for pricing (and that is where I buy my gear)

Moses 1000 w/fuse, 420 and covers: $1425 with below mast $2,298

Phanton 1480, $1259 with below mast $2258

***does not include mast which is

Moses 72 carbon $873

FOne 75 carbon $999

Price wise they are nearly identical...

In the end I haven't proven that there is much of a difference between these foils, because there isn't.  The biggest differences are in the raw feel of the Moses 1000 and the more user friendly & smooth F-one Phantom.  I'm stoked to get the 1280 Phantom next and see how that top end compares on a more similarly sized foil.

-S.F. Joe

27th Aug 2020 Tucker Vantol, S.F. Joe

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