Foil Fridays - Foilmount Moses / Slingshot Adapter Review

Foil Fridays - Foilmount Moses / Slingshot Adapter Review

Let's cut right to the chase with this one. There are a few reasons why we are excited about the Moses Fuselage to Slingshot Mast Adapter plate.

  1. Slingshot / Ride Engine masts are proven to be efficient, durable, and affordable. Their masts are quite rigid and high-quality with a starting price of only $59 or the three mast Flight School for only $168. Many riders already own their mast and pedestal as they are the leader in hydrofoils across all foiling boardsports.
  2. Moses arguably makes the most high-performance wings on the market today and they are surprisingly affordable (the wings, that is). In a complete carbon Moses foil, the mast alone is $700-1400 of the total price.
  3. Traveling with multiple masts. Slingshot masts are more packable since you can remove the top plate (pedestal). This is especially important when packing your mast alongside your board to avoid pedestal damage to the board.


After a few sessions, the Foilmount hydrofoil mast adapter has really exceeded our expectations. Even after beating on it in higher winds and jumping, it remains a sold connection between the Slingshot foil mast and Moses fuselage without the need to tighten screws during the session. Handling the foil before/after sessions, I’m more relaxed about the foil and typically just toss a wing cover over the wings for transport. Being a multisport rider, it’s nice that I can have all my masts in my bag without much bulk or expense so I can choose the optimum length for the occasion.

The only gripe I have about the connection is that during high speed riding a low hum begins to form. Not enough to create any major vibrations or be overly annoying, but similar to the line whistle that most kiteboarders are accustomed to. *Disclaimer, I had not yet tuned the Slingshot mast so that may have had a part to play in that sound. A determined individual could probably eliminate the sound by taking an angle grinder to the part to make it more hydrodynamic.


As I said in the video, this setup really has no major drawbacks for your average foiler. Simply all the benefits of the Moses design in a more affordable and worry-free package. We like it so much that we have created a few products that will give you everything you need to either get your complete foil setup or simply upgrade your Slingshot mast to the Moses Performance wing and fuselage.

Slingshot / Moses Onda Hydrofoil Package - $1099

Slingshot Upgrade package - Moses Onda 633 483

Slingshot Upgrade Moses Onda Package - $899

Tucker’s Choice Kiteboard Hydrofoil Package - $2139

Written and produced by Tucker Vantol, Ryan (Rygo) Goloversic

Tucker Vantol

MACkite's resident surf and "Hydrofoil junkie." You can either catch him on the phones or on the water at dawn testing new gear. He is proficient at a myriad of sports, a shaper and passionate about getting his water time. When he discovered kiteboarding it took over as his predominate sport. The same could be said about hydrofoiling.

12th Apr 2019 Tucker Vantol

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