Ewan Jaspan on High Aspect vs Low Aspect Surf Foils

Ewan Jaspan on High Aspect vs Low Aspect Surf Foils

Surf foiling has been on my radar for a while now. I took the winter to work on my surfing skills so I could get into some rolling waves on less than ideal days. I learned a lot from Ewan and he actually changed the way I might approach picking a wing setup.

Recently, the novelty of pumping and connecting waves has caught everyone's attention. Riding high aspect foils is a great way to make this process easier to learn, but it can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, you can pump and link waves easier with a high aspect foil. The downside is you will be sacrificing performance on a wave.

Ewan is one of the most stylish kiteboarders, he's a solid surfer, and has a good background in boardsports in general. He made a good point that measuring a successful surf foil session shouldn't just be in the number of waves connected, but how well one surfs those waves.

This is where the low aspect foils come into play. You can get a lot more performance and do better turns while wave riding with one of these.

Ewan will use the low aspect when the waves are good and rolling so he can actually surf them, and he'll use the high aspect when they are closing out fast and he needs to spend more time pumping around to catch the good sections.

He opts for a 71 cm mast since anything longer will likely catch the sand bar. His go-to foil is the Naish 1250 Jet. Sometimes he'll use the 1240 for extra pump. Sometimes he will put the high aspect on the low aspect foil. This will add some efficiency to the low aspect while keeping the maneuverability.

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