Custom Painting  your Waydoo Flyer One with Plastidip

Custom Painting your Waydoo Flyer One with Plastidip

Quick shout out to Jeremy Byrom of eFoil Lake Powell on YouTube for a great video on how he used Plastidip to customize his Waydoo Flyer One!

This tip will give you at least worth a 15% increase in horsepower and 20% longer ride times. Ok really this will not add any real performance to your board, but  it will give you a custom look and it might just make it look like you are going faster... If you are looking for real performance gains checkout the Stringfellow Waydoo SABfoil front wing adaptor.  

Tips for using Plastidip:

  1. Start with a clean dry surface
  2. Shake can well for 1-2 minute
  3. Wear proper PPE: Rubber gloves, face mask and eye protection.
  4. Set up your spray area with a large drop cloth to avoid any over spray
  5. When spraying keep the can moving in a long even sweeping motion 
  6. Starting your spray before you reach the edge of the board and stop spraying once you are past the opposite side. 
  7. Keep can 12-16" away from surface of your board.
  8. Start with a light coat, followed by heavier coats.
  9. A thicker application will allow you to remove the Plastidip in the future.
  10. Let board dry completely before use. Follow the instructions for dry time. 

Please note: Plastidip is not considered to be a permanent application but it can be very difficult to remove if you change your mind later.   

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18th May 2023 Video by: Jeremy Byrom of eFoil Lake Powell

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