2023 Cabrinha 03 Moto X First Impressions

2023 Cabrinha 03 Moto X First Impressions

This is Pat with MACkiteboarding.com, and I'm checking out the new Moto X kite from Cabrinha.

Launching at the Beach

It's 24 degrees air temp at the beach, blowing about mid-20s, so it feels like it's 10 degrees, and we are on the new Moto X 9 meter. My initial impression on the launch of the kite is that it doesn't feel like a Cabrinha kite. It's a lot lighter in the bar than I'm used to with Cabrinha, which I think is a big plus. It feels a lot more akin to the Eleveight RS, the North Reach, the new Slingshot Code, and the Airush Lithium. I'm really interested to get on the water and get a feel for this.

Controlling the Moto X

I'm back from my first session with the 2023 Moto X. It was interesting conditions: a little bit offshore with gusty winds, but it was enough to get a good first feeling of this kite. First off, the kite does not feel like any other kite that I've ridden from the Cabrinha lineup yet. It's definitely a complete redesign of their whole system. The best way I could describe it would be a mix between a Reach from North and the old Cabrinha Switchblade. It has a little lighter bar feel, but a bit heavier than the Reach or some of the other kites in that three-strut, mid-range, do-it-all kite lineup. It is lighter than the old Moto and Switchblade from Cabrinha, so it's nice to see them moving in the direction that the rest of the industry is trending towards with a lighter-feeling bar. It still gives enough feedback to where you can fly the kite without really looking at it. It's super fast turning and really stable in the gusty conditions I was out in. I can't wait to get on the water on a solid day with this kite in better conditions.

Riding Styles

I think it's going to be a really good kite for people to learn their first kiteloops on. If you're that rider who is looking to get out in any conditions, no matter what, and have one kite to do it all for you, the Moto X is definitely the kite for you. It's taking that flagship role at Cabrinha, stepping into the shoes of the Switchblade. They're still going to have the Switchblade available for those people who love that park-and-ride feel of the Switchblade, but the Moto X takes it up a notch from that. It gives you a more active flying kite and allows you to push yourself a little bit further by having a kite that's going to go with you that extra step, versus the traditional park-and-ride style that I'm used to with Cabrinha kites.

New, Improved Bag

They've got a new bag for this year, too. They did a sort of messenger-style backpack bag. It's really nice; you've got some buckles in the front, and then the flap opens up. You can either take the kite right out of the top, or you have two zippers going down the front sides so you can actually open up the whole front of this bag, which makes it really easy to get the kite out and back in on the beach. It's nice to see a good quality bag coming out from Cabrinha.

Who's This Kite For?

I'd say this is a kite for your average, everyday rider. If you want to get into specific disciplines, Cabrinha has those kites in the range for you, but if you want one kite to fill your quiver and do absolutely everything for you, the Moto X is what you're looking for. I personally would take this kite out in those crazy wind conditions. I think the 9 meter should be awesome for looping. It's one of those three-strut, super stable, fast-looping kites, so it's going to be easier for me to learn those more technical big air tricks than on something like the five-strut Nitro in their line, or the Rebel that I fly a lot. It's just going to be a little more forgiving for learning those tricks, and then I can take them to those more specific high-aspect, big air kites.

This is Pat with MACkiteboarding.com and the Moto X. Check it out for yourself. Hopefully I'll be able to get back in the water soon and do a little bit more in-depth review beyond my thoughts from the first half hour on the kite.

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31st Jan 2023 Pat Taylor

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