Toeside to Heelside Transitions

Toeside to Heelside Transitions

Today we are going over toeside to heelside transitions. Before trying this, you should know how to ride toeside and make a transition.

Always remember to visualize a trick before trying it. Get these 5 easy steps in your head and see yourself doing it before going out and giving it a try!

Step One: Send Kite

Send the kite slowly across the wind window with the bar sheeted out, keep your hands in the middle of the bar.

Step Two: Follow the Kite

Twist with your shoulder and hips following the kite as it crosses the wind window. If you resist the kite then it will pull you off balance and over your edge. If you watch the kite as you do this it will help your body get in the right position.

Step Three: Transfer weight to heels

As you change directions and twist downwind, light transfer the weight from your toeside edge to your heels. Don’t overdo it, just keep your ankles soft and let it happen naturally. If you are locked up it will be harder to have a smooth transition.

Step Four: Get small and lean back

As the kite transfers across the wind window and you start the heelside edge, get small so you don't sink in the water or get pulled over your edge.

Step Five: Power up the kite

Now that you are in the proper position, pull in on the bar, and send the kite. You can do a couple power strokes to build up speed and get on plane.

Blake Olsen

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19th Oct 2020 Blake Olsen

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