2023 Cabrinha 03 Kite Lineup!

2023 Cabrinha 03 Kite Lineup!

It’s finally here! We are excited to announce the newest Cabrinha Kiteboarding lineup for 2023. This latest offering includes the ever-popular Moto XSwitchbladeDrifterContraContra AetherFX2, and Nitro. Each of these kites has been crafted with precision and special attention to performance, offering an unmatched experience on the water. 

2023 Cabrinha Moto X

The  Cabrinha Moto X is designed for power lovers who like a smooth feel but want more speed. It pulls hard and drives upwind wonderfully, even when kitelooped on a 12m size. As rider Evan Netch put it: “It has the smooth feel of the Switchblade but a very different feel in the bar and on a different level speed-wise.”

2023 Cabrinha Switchblade

The legendary  Cabrinha Switchblade kite has been upgraded and made even better with the 2023 Cabrinha lineup. This supercharged version, designed by Pat Goodman, is pulleyless and offers unmatched performance and versatility with its unique shape. It brings you directly into the control of your ride as soon as you pull the bar in.

2023 Cabrinha Contra Aether

The  Cabrinha Contra Aether is specially crafted for freeride kitefoiling due to its lightweight one-strut design. Its wide range of size choices makes it an ideal pick for both light-wind days and strong-wind days alike. Theo Demanez referred to it as “unbeatable for freeride kitefoiling,” as you can try rotations and kiteloops with confidence that it won’t stall.

2023 Cabrinha FX2

The  Cabrinha FX2 is the perfect do-it-all kite for freestyle and progressive big-air riding. It has a modern shape for optimum hangtime, combined with great forward drive. The refinements of the Cabrinha 03 collection take this kite to another level of performance, with its hybrid frame providing direct response and control.