Connor's Wing Things Pick List:

Connor's Wing Things Pick List:

Before my session, I like to be well-prepared: besides good wind & coffee, I like to have sunblock (depending on weather), protein, and lots of water. I like to rock the following:

  • Slingshot Tracker 7’ w/ SUPwinder
  • Ride Engine Recoil waist leash 8’
  • 6m North Nova (2022) for light/moderate wind
  • 4m Ozone Wasp V2 (2021) for moderate/heavy wind
  • A wrist leash for safety like the one that comes with the North Nova
  • WMFG kite pump for wings and a Slingshot High Power pump for the SUP
  • 5/4 Mystic Star LT wetsuit backzip
  • Mystic Star Round Toe Booties - 5mm
  • Mystic Supreme 5mm Lobster Gloves
  • Mystic Hood 5mm XL
  • Mystic Classic Poncho (to stay warm when changing out of wetsuit)

I also like to bring something to clip my wings to after I have them pumped up so they don’t blow away, like a sandbag or backpack full of water and protein shakes. I am going to try a XL Vinaka Wing Harness and PKS Harness Line with pigtail connection next so I can try to give my arms a rest and have longer sessions.

Thank you for reading

Cheers!! - Connor (@dragon_de_hielo_) from MacKite :)

12th May 2022 Conner Johnson

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