Are eFoils Vessels?

Are eFoils Vessels?

Link to USCG Document

Quick shout out to Jeremy Byrom of eFoil Lake Powell on YouTube for a great explanation of the USCG's classification of eFoils. 

Important Notes on eFoil Classification:

  • The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and United States Coast Guard have released updated document regarding watercraft, including e-foils, motorized surfboards, and personal watercraft.
  • The document classify these watercraft as vessels and provide guidance on various aspects, such as registration, propulsion types, placement of decals, incident reporting, equipment requirements, manufacturer compliance, and ownership.
  • Watercraft owners are required to register their vessels and obtain identification numbers (HIN) similar to VINs for cars.
  • The document allows for the placement of registration numbers on the deck of e-foils and motorized surfboards, addressing the challenge posed by their design.
  • Carrying a fire extinguisher is not mandatory for these watercraft, but it becomes necessary if the operator is not wearing a Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device (PFD).
  • Compliance with a compliant engine cutoff switch (ECOS) is required for manufacturers, and it may include electronic fobs used for engine cutoff on e-foils. Watercraft manufactured before 2020 are exempt from having an ECOS.
  • The documents emphasize the importance of safe operation and respect for others while using these unique watercraft. 

Note: Please ensure that you review and comply with the latest official guidelines and regulations from the respective authorities when dealing with any watercraft.

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18th May 2023 Video by: Jeremy Byrom of eFoil Lake Powell

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