3 Things to Love About the Duotone Click Bar

3 Things to Love About the Duotone Click Bar

Downshifting With the Duotone Click Bar

The Duotone Click Bar offers an easy and measured depower that's always well within your reach. If you like the thought of depowering your kite with the simple click of a button located right on the end of your bar, then the Click Bar might be for you.

When the Click Bar hit the market a few years back, I thought to myself, "No way, man—that sounds overly complex and totally unnecessary." While I do agree that it may not be the right control bar for everyone, I highly recommend it to anyone that appreciates precision power adjustment while kitesurfing in the waves. It's so easy to stay in the pocket on critical sections of a wave where you might previously be getting pulled out in front of it.

Sure, you can do that with a traditional above-the-bar depower system, but DO you?

I never even thought about that before using the Duotone Click Bar. I would just lean into it and try not to get pulled out of the wave. The thought of leaning forward and reaching up to grab a continuously fluttering trim line never even crossed my mind. I'd just settle for good enough. Not anymore, amigos.

Depwering your kite with the Click Bar is a bit like using paddle-shifters on an aggressive sports coupe. Once you've switched, there's no going back.

Centerlines That Automatically Untwist After Loops and Rolls

The Click Bar also features a rectangular-shaped centerline sheath, which passes through a rectangular cutout in the control bar. Why is this important? Most kiteboarding control bars have some sort of swivel on their centerlines that you have to manually untwist each time you've done a downloop transition.

The Duotone Click Bar, with the patented Iron Heart 5 system, and shaped centerline, automatically untwists your lines as you unspin the bar each and every time.

Low Profile Rope Slider Kit

The Duotone Rope Slider Kit is the cherry on top for those who love to use a slider bar with a surfboard or directional shape. The Rope Slider Kit is super low-profile and easy to use. The extra small chicken loop features a metal reinforced area for which to slide along your harness' rope slider.

In Summary

Yes, all of the above reasons to ride with the Duotone Click Bar are fully located in the "want" column—not the "need". However, if you're the kind of person that appreciates quick and precise power adjustments, combined with clean design, and proven reliability—the Click Bar might be for you.

Highlights and Takeaways:

  • Like shifting gears with your kite
  • Centerlines are always clean
  • Rope slider perfection

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17th Dec 2021 Aaron Johnson

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