Moses 1100 Front Wing

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Moses 1100 Front Wing

Large, with a high aspect ratio means you get super early lift while retaining pumping power, top speed and maximizing glide.

What Moses says....

Downwind, flat water pumping, wingsurf, sup, surfing small waves. This is your wing!

This high aspect 110 cm span, fast wing is designed for advanced riders who wants longer glide while riding small waves.

This wing requires the 710 Surf Fuselage, 710 Surf alu fuse, 900 wind fuse, or 900 wind alu fuse.  Please contact us if you need help identifying your fuselage. Recommended stabilizers are 483 or 450.

Surface 2100 cm2
Root Chord 246 mm
Span 1100 mm
Aspect Ratio 5.7





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