Slingshot All-Around Wake Foil Package

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  • The Ultimate Slingshot All-Around Boat Foilboarding Package
  • Slingshot All-Around Wake Foil Package
  • Slingshot All-Around Wake Foil Package
  • Slingshot All-Around Wake Foil Package
  • Slingshot All-Around Wake Foil Package
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The Ultimate All-Around Boat Foilboarding Package

  • WF-2 Board and Mounting Hardware
  • Slingshot Foil Kit
  • Half Strap (w/ 4'10' board)

Choosing your foil:slingshot-hover-glide-foils-1-.jpg

Gamma 68 - Fast, fluid and easy to carve hard on the second wake. This is a fast paced, high energy ride for anyone seeking to shred behind a surf boat.
(61cm mast) 

Infinity 76 - An all-around stable wing with early lift to make the learning process easy, but will also allow the rider to explore pumping and carving. 
(71cm mast)

Infinity 84 - For riders <170lbs who would otherwise be interested in the 99, or riders above 200lbs seeking the all-around ride of the 76
(71cm mast)

Infinity 99 - Great low speed lift, easy to to up, and surprisingly easy to carve for its size. This is a forgiving foil for beginners seeking to fly. 
(71cm mast)

Quantum 100 - Best for riding second wake and further back, and pumping
(71cm mast)


Slingshot WF2 Foilboard

2020 Slingshot WF-2 FoilboardDesigned to ease you into wakefoiling, the tried and true board shape gets you up on foil and attempting your first tricks in one weekend. Not a foiler? No problem! The WF2 doubles as a wakesurf board and the size is manageable for the whole crew. The soft top deck protects not only your body but also your boat from dings and scratches.

Size: 4'10"

Board includes:

  • WF-2 Board
  • Half Strap 2.0
  • Track Mounting Hardware

Technical Features:

  1. FCS II FIn Boxes (Fins Sold Separately) Trusted by the world's best surfers, fcs II fin boxes allow riders to add fins to the board in a matter of seconds to switch from Foiling to traditional wakesurfing in a matter of seconds (foil detached).
  2. Full EVA Deck Pad From rail to rail and tip to tail, the full EVA deck-pad gives riders endless stance opportunities and makes the board virtually ding proof. Smooth to the touch and GRIPPY WHEN WET, it's not too soft and not too firm. Just the way we like it.
  3. Dual Cupped Rail Channels help to provide stability when riding the board on the water prior to liftoff, and when wakesurfing, adds additional traction when engaging your rail into the face of the wave.
  4. Foil Mount Track For Customizing Lift Intensity The foil mount track allows the rider to adjust the amount of lift they receive from the foil. Slide the foil all the way back for less lift or riding at higher speeds. Slide it all the way forward for the most lift / riding at slower speeds.
  5. Versatile Strap Configuration Multiple inserts in the WF2 allow riders to customize the location of their half or full foot straps for a more secure connection or for those looking to catch some air.
  6. Fast Rocker Line for Wakesurfing without the Foil The key to success when it comes to wakesurfing (foil detached).
  7. Fits in the Board Rack Store your foil with ease using most all modern day wakeboard and surf racks with the foil attached.



Slingshot Hover Glide FSurf V3

The 2020 Hover Glide Fsurf package is equipped with Slingshot's Infinity 76cm front wing. After loads of testing and input Slingshot has found the right balance between size, lift and glide with speed, efficiency and performance. This wing choice provides the best of both worlds in foiling- the low-end lift and pump-ability needed to cruise on even the tiniest of rolling waves and the top-end speed and performance to safely manage larger waves and faster swell where other big wings would top out.


The FSurf foil is the perfect choice for experienced foilers looking for the perfect blend between performance, speed, and pumpability. The FSurf is part of Slingshot's signature Hover Glide foil platform, built with an aluminum structure and outfitted with carbon wings, creating the perfect balance of performance and price. The FSurf foil comes with a 71cm mast - increasing the responsiveness of the foil and giving surfers a larger range from the foil to the board - ideal for getting more distance out of each "stroke" as surfers pump the foil to maneuver between waves or across flat water. The FSurf is outfitted with Slingshot's ever-popular Infinity 76 surf wing which has a large surface area to feed off smaller amounts of wave energy, support heavier riders (200 lbs +) with ease, and is also the most agile and maneuverable of the surf wings. The speed range of this foil is also extremely impressive- designed to takeoff early and hang in there at speeds of about 18 mph.


Package includes:

  • 71cm (28") mast
  • pedestal
  • shift fuselage
  • infinity 76cm front wing
  • 42cm rear wing
  • hardware
  • shim
  • neoprene wing covers
  • custom travel bag

2020 Slingshot Hover Glide FSurf V3 Complete Hydrofoil features

Why You'll Love The Hover Glide FSurf V3:

  • NEW -Neoprene wing covers & travel bag
  • NEW - 28" Aluminum Mast
  • A complete setup fine-tuned for surf foiling success in a variety of conditions
  • Tons of low-end lift, great for small, weak waves, rolling swell, beginners and pumping
  • Hover Glide is a modular system with a wide variety of add-on wings and components
  • Shift fuselage lets you set your mast in different locations for different performance
  • Pumps like crazy, great for linking waves and cruising around the flats
  • Crossover setup for wake surf foiling

Technical Features

  1. Carbon Composite Wing Construction - Stronger and more efficient. This construction benefits you on and off the water.
  2. NEW SIZE - 28" Aircraft Grade Aluminum Mast
  3. Shift Fuse 2 Versatile mast mounting options for different performance.
  4. Safe-T Winglets
  5. Four-bolt Pedestal Mount
  6. NEW - Neoprene Wing Covers & Travel Bag
  7. 42cm Rear Stabilizer Wing
  8. Infinity 76cm Front Wing

Let's Chat: Learning How to Hydrofoil Surf

So you want to learn to hydrofoil surf? Congratulations! We too have caught the foil bug for all of our board sports. Surf foiling is truly a one of a kind experience that makes even the most marginal days into magical sessions. Aside from the silent, smooth, and effortless glide, surf hydrofoils tap into the most powerful part of the wave just beneath the surface. Read more...

 2021 Slingshot WF-2 Foil Wake V3 Package

 2021 Slingshot WF-2 Foil Wake V3 Package

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8 Reviews

  • 5
    Great package

    Posted by Jack Shimizu on 29th Nov 2022

    Was easy to learn on this foil. I the only thing I regret is it want on sale for $200 less after I purchased it!

  • 5
    Great Starter Package

    Posted by Andrew on 26th Sep 2022

    Great starter package for wake foiling. Great price and awsome customer service. Modular design so I will be able to use this board and overall setup for other sports like kite foiling.

  • 5
    Great Item

    Posted by Jim Grigg on 1st Sep 2022

    Having lots of fun on the hydrofoil. All came just as described.

  • 5
    WF2 FSurf Foil Package

    Posted by Charlie Golden on 29th Jun 2021

    Excellent package, Got up first day and rode first wake second day. Too much fun.

  • 5
    Awesome package and service

    Posted by darren zielonka on 1st Nov 2020

    This is a must have if your looking to get into foiling, great lift and stability. Beginners and advance riders love riding this behind the boat! Built real well. The Mackite folks are awesome to talk to about foils, very helpful.

  • 5
    Great Boat Foil! Awesome lift and pump.

    Posted by Gabe Chladek on 11th Aug 2020

    This board is a little difficult for beginners to learn on but once you get some skill at foiling this thing pumps and glides great. Easy to link wake to wake without the rope with just one pump behind the boat

  • 5
    Slingshot wake surf foil

    Posted by Jonathan Rowell on 25th May 2020

    2020 board is sweet, the foil is stable, up for 10 min today, 3rd time foiling. Smooth, getting the feel and balance of foil, it’s all i want to ride. Kids still a little afraid of it but will be riding it in a day or 2

  • 5
    Best foilboard combo package

    Posted by Tatima on 17th Sep 2019

    Followed Mack’s recommendation on intro foilboarding package. This was awesome. Great price and in 3 sessions already riding on foil without any issues. Foil is easy to us and learn on. Just move your feet more forward than usual. The board is also covered with soft material to reduce any impact risk. Strongly recommend it.

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