Unifoil Vyper Complete Foil

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  • Unifoil Vyper Complete Foil
  • Unifoil Vyper Complete Foil
  • Unifoil Vyper Complete Foil
  • Unifoil Vyper Complete Foil
  • Unifoil Vyper Complete Foil
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Unifoil Vyper Complete Foil

Sizes: 90 / 130 / 150 / 170 / 190



What do you get when you mix a Hyper with a Vortex?

Introducing the Vyper Designed by Adam Bennetts & Clifford Coetzer in search of the ultimate all-around surf foil, the Vyper was born. A cross between the Vortex and the Hyper. We took the best attributes of each model. The carve and ease of turning of the Vortex, and the ease of pump and efficiency of the Hyper.

This is the one foil to rule them all.

After many prototypes, and many hours of testing various aspects of the foil by our top team riders Adam Bennetts and Dylan Wichmann, everything from the wingspan to the thickness of the foil was experimented with, until the best setup for speed, glide, and performance was chosen.

A span that is wide enough to create enough lift, but not too wide to make turning difficult. Just enough down-sweep on the tips to loosen the foil up, but not lose efficiency. Just enough thickness in the profile to generate lift, but not create too much drag.

If you love to rip on the wave and want to take your foiling to the next level, from high-speed carves to ripping down the face and hitting hard G forces, the Vyper will be sure to bite.

If there is only one model you need to own, it’s the Vyper.


  • This is the one foil to rule them all.
  • Designed by Adam Bennetts & Clifford Coetzer in search of the ultimate all-around surf foil.
  • A cross between the Vortex and the Hyper.
  • The carve and ease of turning of the Vortex.
  • The ease of pump and efficiency of the Hyper.

Aluminum Masts:

Sizes: 650mm / 750mm / 850mm

Chord: 125mm Thickness: 18.5mm Materials: Aluminium alloy


Our new aluminium mast provides riders a super stiff & high performance mast at a competitive price point. The result of many years of testing, we have created a more affordable mast that still unlocks the high performance of our wings. It’s a hydrodynamically efficient mast that is lightweight and stiff with minimal drag. Careful finite element analysis (FEA) along with structural reinforcements make our mast the best value on the market.


  • Extruded with precision
  • Stainless steel inserts for added strength
  • Profile refined: maximum thickness moved backwards for speed
  • Base plate is slotted and has extra holes for multiple setup options. 
  • Works with either countersunk or wingnut bolts.
  • Comes with 4 x M8 stainless steel bolts for fuse and base plate attachment.

Katana Super Stiff Carbon Masts:

Sizes: 750mm / 830mm / 950mm




Our new Katana super-stiff mast construction was inspired by traditional Japanese sword making. To forge the toughest blades, swordsmiths combined an outer layer of hard steel with a softer iron core for strength and stiffness. Similarly, we take extremely stiff high modulus carbon and blend it with intermediate modulus for strength. 

The result is a mast that is super-stiff but unlike many other masts on the market, remains really fast, and has a much higher breaking point than high modulus on its own. Combined with our one-piece construction and slightly thicker profile, we have created the fastest, strongest, and stiffest carbon mast on the market.


  • Stiffer feel
  • Thicker chord and profile for reduced twist and flex
  • Direct connection
  • High performance
  • Designed for High Aspect range

New slotted holes that accept countersunk titanium hardware that makes for an even slicker fitment. Titanium wingnuts are optional for adjustments on the fly.

Better fit with taper-lock on mast to fuse connection. This holds the mast in place and doesn’t just rely on the screws to take the weight. Resulting in a more secure connection with no play.

Bolts sold separately



  • Short 27cm
  • Medium 33cm
  • Long 40cm

Full carbon, no foam, made using only the highest-quality premium materials. Stiff and durable for heavy riding and taper locked for no play. 

39 cm - NEW extra long for wind wing racing and downwind (not recommended for prone/surf).

33 cm - Original length (formerly long) recommended for most riders.

27 cm - Shorter length made for tighter turning and shorter radius. Recommended add-on for advanced riders to loosen up the foil for carves and quick direction changes and easier pumping.

1 bolt fuse (Required for Vyper and retrospective models) 2 bolt fuse (Recommended for Hyper2 and Progression Wings)

If you already on our system your 1 bolt fuse might fit the new 2 bolt wings (Hyper2 and Progression)

Tail Packs:


One outline.
Three different profiles.
Infinite possibilities...


Each model is available in 13” (330mm) and 14” (355mm)

  • 13 suits lighter riders and more high-performance riding
  • 14 suits heavier riders (80 kg plus) or for increased pumpability

Unifoil designer Clifford Coetzer has come up with a novel approach to stablitizers that lets you find exactly the right feel to suit your riding style. Using the same cutting-edge stabilizer outline, he has created three very different profiles for back-footed, neutral and front-footed riders. Take the outline that suits you and shim it according to the conditions.



Symmetrical 50/50 foil



Flat/ asymmetrical foil


Front footed

Reflex/ inside foil

G10 material: 

G10 is delicate material will not withstand reef and rock contact (and is not covered by warranty).


Find your favorite tail of the 3, then use the other 2 tails to sand down in the chop shop and experiment with different sizes and profiles. 

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