NoLimitz Carbon Mast with Phantasm Adaptor

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The NoLimitz Foil Mast

No Compromises. Stiffer. Lighter. Faster. Stronger. 

After 30 years of producing high quality carbon fiber aerospace parts, Innovative Composite Engineering is proud to offer the most technologically advanced foil mast available on the market today - The NoLimitz. The NoLimitz’s 100% carbon fiber hollow construction, made with aerospace grade high modulus carbon fiber, results in an incredibly light, strong, and stiff mast. The NoLimitz’s stiffness and its 16.1 mm leading edge profile delivers a fast, smooth, and responsive foil riding performance.

The NoLimitz is currently offered with all the major brand’s fuselages: Takuma, Naish, Slingshot, Lift, MFC, Axis, Hoverglide, F-One and Moses. Cabrinha adapters will be available for purchase in April. The NoLimitz mast comes with a dedicated bonded on adapter. This minimizes the weight and maximizes the stiffness of the foil mast.

All wings pump better, slash harder, and carve smoother with a stiffer and lighter mast. Whether you kite, wing, surf, windsurf, or SUP foil, the NoLimitz will deliver the performance you seek.

16.1mm Width

The NoLimitz’s 16.1 mm leading edge makes it one of the thinnest masts on the market today. Less width = less drag through the water = a faster mast = more fun foiling. Compared to other 19mm foiling masts on the market, the NoLimitz is significantly faster. 3mm might not seem like much, but you’ll feel it.


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