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2021 NP Glide HP Tail Wing 2.0

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2021 NP Glide HP Tail Wing 2.0


  • Tail Span: 40cm
  • Area: 225cm2
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2 Reviews

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    Posted by Steve San on 28th Oct 2023

    1. I matched this tail to a SAB FOIL 950 for wing foiling AND my SLINGSHOT G900 & G1000 for prone foiling. 2. It’s thin, hi AR , and the wing tips lock in turns and make your ride stable but FAST 3. Minor hole adjustments to be made (That’s what she said) 4. I incredible for pumping and “grave digging” over standard tails.~13” wide

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    Posted by Steve Santagati on 10th Apr 2023

    If the shoe fits…I mean tail. Pay attention ! Don’t follow the rules. Find out what works for you and use it. And do not apologize or explain to anyone. I use this tail on a Sable foil set up. The holes fit on the tail they match up so I’m able to use it. My front wing the tips point down my back wing the tips point up. It’s fast it’s loose and it’s stable for me at my weight. I use it for Wing foiling

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