2022 Duotone Unit V2 Wing

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The Duotone Unit 2022 is a wave-oriented foil wing, offering easy handling and power on demand.

For 2022 Duotone brings some nice updates to its recently launched Unit wing. More than an update, it looks like a total revolution to us! 


Duotone3 Unit V2 Review



For the 2022 edition, the traditional textile handles of the wing have been replaced by 2 rigid long grab handles that resemble a boom split into two sections. These grab handles are screwed into a patch support installed on the middle strut (yes, they are removable) and offer the same benefits of a boom in terms of performance, power generation, and handling, all at a lower weight!


The canopy has also changed for 2022: the Unit's panels are now oriented in a new direction: lengthwise instead of front-to-back. This allows to create more tension in the front part of the wing where all the power and draft are. The power of the wind, being more concentrated in the front part, makes the wing generate an upward lift, which will help riders during technical tacks or jibes: you will be constantly lifted upwards!!!
The extra tension of the new canopy also reduces all turbulences while surfing a wave or the ocean swell.



The new 2022 Duotone Unit will be soon available in a DLAB version where the struts and the leading edge are made of the lighter and stronger Aluula material.



  • New grab handles
  • New canopy profile
  • Unmatched lift & handling
  • Available in Aluula construction



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5 Reviews

  • 5
    Duotone Unit V2

    Posted by Seth S. on 27th Jul 2022

    I love this wing (3.5M, 4.5M, 5.5M quiver). Its stiff and provides direct power in light wind, and has unreal control when overpowered. The lift designed into the wing really helps with tacking and light wind take offs. The MacKite guys are amazing and offer unreal support. Whatever you get, get it from them!

  • 4
    Good Wing

    Posted by Duke on 13th Apr 2022

    Me: Advanced foiler, 95% waves, two sessions so far including a long downwinder in the waves. Pros: - Excellent handles, really fantastic in the surf, solid connection and the angles are just perfect. - Flies great, tight canopy, pumps well - Great bag Cons: -Flag-out front handle is just a piece of rope, it's awful (although you don't really need it with this handle configuration interestingly) -Duotone pump system is horrible, requires separate adaptor -One-pump is BAD for wings, doesn't allow pressure titration, connection hose can get dislodged - Requires the two dump valves to be opened to deflate the wing - Handles are heavy, should be carbon or just lighter in general - Hard to get the green color, not sure why they are obsessed w/purple but the green looks awesome it's just hard to get - No leash included, no pump adaptor included - Windows are basically useless and should be removed, I couldn't see my friends and we were sharing waves/crossing paths constantly. No big deal but no point to have the windows. Overall: 4 starts. Not as good as the Ocean Rodeo. I still really like the wing and I"m very happy with it and going to keep it but it's strange that they haven't fixed the multiple obvious engineering flaws as listed above despite being a 3rd generation wing. Next gen OR wing w/carbon handles is going to be the ticket. The Aluula version of this will be nice but it doesn't fix any of the problems listed above, it will make it lighter and fly better but it's already plenty light and flies very well.

  • 4
    Nice wing

    Posted by Daniel Nicholson on 8th Apr 2022

    I’ve primarily been using the Unit V1 before buying the Unit V2. I really like the new handles. That change made the wing more user-friendly. I also like the way the V2 transitions when changing directions. It also jumps better than the V1, more like the Slick. But it carves downwind better than the Slick. They’ve also beefed up the stitching on the leading edge and moved it to the outside, so it’s visible if there is a problem. I’ve also flown the new Strike 2. It’s more stable and doesn’t “hunt” in the gusts like the Unit V2, but I didn’t care for the Strike’s handles.

  • 5
    Unit V2

    Posted by Jed on 6th Apr 2022

    Definitely more powerful to get on foil than Slick. Slick is a bit more stable when overpowered but the boom being another piece of kit is a bit of a hassel.

  • 5
    Duotone Unit V2

    Posted by Seth S. on 28th Mar 2022

    This is such an amazing wing. I am coming from the Echo and I am really impressed by the power that this thing has at take off. The wing is perfectly still when wave riding from the LE handle. It is higher aspect so I am riding a 4.5 Unit V2 in place of a 5 meter echo. The stiff transfer of power and lift that this wing has is a game changer for light wind starts.

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