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Free 40% Torque Firmware Upgrade for Your M1 Electric Longboard

Posted by Nathan Patterson on

The new V2.3 firmware increases torque of the M1 by up to 40% in advanced mode, delivering significant improvements in off-the-line and hill climbing performance. This is a free update which works on every M1 board.

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From the crew at Inboard

M1 Firmware 2.3 Features

Increased Torque in Advanced Mode

Torque output of both Manta Drive motors is increased by up to 40% in Advanced Mode, meaning significant improvements in off-the-line and hill climbing performance. To preserve the easy learning curve we reserved the torque upgrade for Advanced Mode. We recommend that you become confident with M1’s riding characteristics before engaging Advanced Mode.

Increased Motor Thermal Limits

In order to deliver more energy to the motor, we increased the allowable operating temperature by 24F (11C). Although the motor will get hotter, after extensive testing we have determined that there are no adverse effects on motor longevity or performance. All riders should be careful about touching the motors when they are hot.

Download or Update Vision for iOS Here

Ride With Blake: 4 Tips to Land a Kite

Step One: Catch someone’s attention on the beach by tapping your head. Make sure that as you are coming in you have gotten the attention of someone before starting to put your kite down. Make sure the person knows that you want them to land you before putting your kite down low at the edge of [...]

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The 2018 North Neo—YES, Please!

The North Neo put a smile on my face the very first time I flew one a couple of seasons back. And it's only gotten better with time.New for 2018, North incorporated what they call, "flex segments", into the leading edge of the kite. This allows the kite to have a more pivotal turning characteristic. [...]

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Let's Chat: 2018 North Rebel w/ Jake M

Jake M's 2018 North Rebel ReviewWe get it, you're busy, so let's start with the TL;DR. The 2018 Rebel is everything you've loved about the past iterations, but better and now 4 line compatible.Having finally gotten the chance to ride the 2018 Rebel, I can absolutely attest that North knocked it out of the park with [...]

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Let's Chat: 2018 Ride Engine Hex Core Harness

2018 Ride Engine Hex-CoreIs it worth the upgrade?With the 2018 Ride Engine release, the Hex-Core is on its third iteration since production moved from Coleman Buckley’s garage. And without a doubt, this year’s Hex-Core is the most refined yet. Is it worth a purchase if you don’t already own one? Absolutely? Is it worth the upgrade [...]

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Session Report: 2018 North Dice

My first session on the 2018 North Dice 13m was solid! Yeah, man—I can actually still stick a few basic unhooked tricks after riding nothing but surfboards for the past season—old-guy stoked.The 2018 North Dice received some significant mods but is still the same intermediate to advanced-level performance kite that we've come to know. North [...]

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KoGL Test Fest 2017 Thank you

MACkite Test Fest 2017 - Sunshine to beat the band, warm water, lots of beachgoers, and still no wind. On the other hand, with 2017 being the year that all of our brands decided to produce and bring out foils, the no-wind factor worked out darn near perfectly for us. With 3 watercraft on hand, [...]

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Foiling Video: Surf Foil Talk by Twiggy

Surf Hydrofoiling Video w/ Legendary Surfer "Twiggy" Okay, who does not enjoy watching kiting and surfing professionals out in the big blue, ripping it up? But,what do you do when there is no wind? Or, when there are no major waves? Enter surf hydrofoiling, a revolution in the foiling game and it is rocking the worlds of [...]

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Learning How to Hydrofoil Surf

How to Learn Hydrofoil Surfing So you want to learn to hydrofoil surf? Congratulations! We too have caught the foil bug for all of our board sports. Surf foiling is truly a one of a kind experience that makes even the most marginal days into magical sessions. Aside from the silent, smooth, and effortless glide, surf [...]

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Foilboarding FAQs: Carbon vs. Aluminum Foils

Surf Hydrofoils: Carbon vs. Aluminum. Whats best for you? In the foil board game, there are two basic construction techniques: Full carbon and Aluminum Hybrid. Carbon is the lighter, less durable, and generally more expensive technique while Aluminum tends to be heavier, more durable, and less expensive. Which construction method is best for you comes down to [...]

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