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The 2018 North Evo Kite

Posted by Aaron Johnson on

North has redesigned one of the best freeride kites on the planet, and now it's available to you. Introducing the 2018 North Evo!

Historically, there were too many similarities between the North Evo and North Rebel. Many riders used to make the decision between the two by whether or not they wanted to fly with 5 lines or not. Of course, they were more different than that, but it seems like line configuration was a big deal for many riders.

In 2018, North has increased the gap between these two legends by making the Rebel a bit more high-aspect and by making it available on 4 lines. The Evo looks a slight bit more medium aspect and is now a highly versatile 3-strut delta kite. 

North is hoping that you will experience better wind-range, upwind ability, and relaunch with the new Evo. And, of course, jumps and loops are still on the menu!

Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard

Wow—this thing rips!The Inboard M1 electric skateboard was developed and marketed by a good friend of ours named Ryan Evans. A close connection can sometimes blur your vision when it comes to being objective about a product. Not the case here.Ryan and his team have designed an electric skateboard with a removable airline compliant battery, [...]

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Evolve Bamboo GTX Electric Skateboard

Riding a longboard skateboard was how I got around in our little beach town when I was in my 20s. I had calves of steel, holes in my shoes, and a grin on my face.The first time I saw an electric skateboard, I laughed out loud and said, "Why the heck would I ever want [...]

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Grabs Every Kiteboarder needs to know: Part One

Hey guys, Blake from Mackite here. This week we are going to go over kiteboarding grabs and give you a board grab guide.We'll eventually cover every grab from beginner to advanced so stay tuned. Why you need to start Not only does adding grabs to your jumps/tricks feel great but it actually helps you control the rotation and [...]

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C-Kites Vs Everything: Versus w/ Rygo: EP03

We’ve been getting a surprising number of requests for C-Kite comparisons. The North Vegas vs the North Rebel, The Cabrinha Chaos vs the Cabrinha FX. With that said, I’ve decided to first do a video focused specifically on all C - Kites in general and who they are for.There are three types of people riding [...]

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Video: Introducing the Onewheel+

Meet the Onewheel+: The Next Level is Here The Onewheel was an innovation - a revolution among a sea of electric skateboard hopefuls. This one-wheeled dynamo was able to hit a variety of terrains, quickly recharge in 20 minutes, and a top speed of 15 miles per hour. After months of testing, the Onewheel+ hit the [...]

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Cabrinha Drifter VS North Neo - Kite VS Kite: With Rygo Ep 02

The North Neo Vs the Cabrinha Drifter. Both of these kites are kitesurfing kites in the same vein. On paper, they don’t look that much different but once you get on them water it’s clear that they are very different kites.If I were to define each in a paragraph, I would describe the Neo as [...]

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Kiteboarding: How to Setup Your Footstraps - Ride with Blake: Vlog 36

This video covers how to perfect your kiteboarding stance as well as some of the basics concepts such as heelside, toeside. Goofy foot vs regular foot. Riding blind and riding wrapped. If you need help putting your footstraps together for the first time give us a call and we'll walk you through it. 800-622-4655 This may seem like [...]

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Free 40% Torque Firmware Upgrade for Your M1 Electric Longboard

The new V2.3 firmware increases torque of the M1 by up to 40% in advanced mode, delivering significant improvements in off-the-line and hill climbing performance. This is a free update which works on every M1 board. Pick up your Inboard M1 today! From the crew at InboardM1 Firmware 2.3 Features Increased Torque in Advanced Mode Torque output of both [...]

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Ride With Blake: 4 Tips to Land a Kite

Step One: Catch someone’s attention on the beach by tapping your head. Make sure that as you are coming in you have gotten the attention of someone before starting to put your kite down. Make sure the person knows that you want them to land you before putting your kite down low at the edge of [...]

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