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WOO and Women's Kiteboarding Collective Introduce the "Global Women's Boost Off"

Posted by Aaron Johnson on

Haey, Laay-deeez!

In the spirit of encouraging women kiteboarders to jump their absolute highest, WOO has initiated their “Global Women’s Boost Off”.

Participation is easy—just log your WOO Kite sessions and be sure to use the new gender filter to weed out those pesky dudes. From June 1st through July 31st, WOO will be tracking women’s progress and look for those ladies who are jumping the highest and for those who have accumulated the most in total jump height.

Sites and Social

Current women’s standings will be posted via WOO and the KB4Girls website. You should also follow “Women’s Kiteboard Collective” on Facebook and Instagram. Also be sure to follow WOO on Facebook and Instagram for the best in lofty jump reporting.

Good luck and happy boosting from your friends at MACkiteboarding!

Video Link: Global Women's Boost Off

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Video Transcription:

Girls, you ready for a couple BIG months of chasing wind?

WOO and the Women’s Kiteboarding Collective are challenging all ladies to a two-month global boost off! For the months of June and July, we’ll be tracking which ladies jump the highest and who can accumulate the most total height on WOO.

To participate, simply log sessions in the month of June and July on WOO Kite. You can track the standings in the WOO App using the new Gender filter, or check the complete standings on the Women’s Kiteboarding Collective website -

Women’s Kiteboarding Collective
Facebook -
Instagram -

WOO Kiteboarding
Instagram -
Facebook -

Best of luck, ladies!

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