Lightwind Kiteboarding in Key West with Kristen and RyGo | MACkite x Airush

Lightwind Kiteboarding in Key West with Kristen and RyGo | MACkite x Airush

Kristen and Rygo are headed down to Key West in the RV, where they'll hook up with the crew from Light Wind Watersports. They'll camp along the water at Curry Hammock in Marathon along the way to test out some fresh Airush gear.

The wind was fairly light the next morning, so Kristen took out the 14m Lift and had a great session. That evening, Rygo got a turn as well for a fantastic sunset session.

The next morning Rygo and Kristen completed their trip and met up with Bronza and Rose from Light Wind Watersports, along with Bronza's brother, Gannon. True to the name, the wind was pretty light, but they all hopped in the truck anyway and headed down to the boat with their gear.

They took the boat out to Cottrell Key, where they did find a little breeze. They pumped up the Airush 17m Team Lithium to give it a go. Bronza headed out first and looked surprisingly powered. He got in a few tricks, so they pumped up the 14m Lift as well.

Once the guys had had their fun, it was the ladies' turn. Bronza got out his drone and captured some beautiful footage. One thing that makes the Keys so magical are all the hidden gems for kiteboarding. If you have a boat, you can go out to any number of sandbars and set up there for a private session in paradise.

Once everyone was in from kiteboarding, the crew had a quick lunch on the boat, then decided to do some snorkeling. The water was sparkling clear and they spotted some beautiful fish. They also caught a few for dinner, which they prepared once they arrived back at the dock. It was an amazing day that only scratched the surface of all there is to do in Key West.

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15th Apr 2024 Kristen Cooper & RyGo

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