2024 F-One Wings Sneak Peek | What's Hot in the Latest Lineup!

2024 F-One Wings Sneak Peek | What's Hot in the Latest Lineup!

Christmas came early (or was it late?) for Tucker, Ryan and Jeff with a delivery of brand new 2024 F-One wings. They couldn't wait to share what the lineup looks like for this year, so this is a quick feature overview rather than a review for returning favorites, the Swing and Strike, and the all-new Origin.

Swappable Handles

All three wings now feature the option to swap out the handles to fit your preference and riding style. F-One's familiar semi-rigid handle is included. Other options include a hybrid handle with hard stanchions and a softer middle, a hard carbon handle with an angled front grip, and there's even a boom option coming later.

Origin V1

Perhaps the most exciting wing is the Origin, since it's new to the lineup. It's designed to be easy to fly for new and progressing riders, and is priced slightly less than the other two wings. It should have a lot of lift with easy pull-and-go to get you up on foil. It's got a leash, the removeable handles, and all the other basics you'd expect to find on an F-One wing. If you're not worried about high performance freestyle or surf and just want to go out and cruise and have a good time, this could be a solid new option.

Swing V4

The Swing is back with a new black and white colorway. This is the dedicated freeride/wave design with its slightly flatter canopy, which should make it nice and smooth. The semi-rigid handle works very well with this wing, but it can be swapped out for one of the other options if you choose. The shop-favorite F-One bungee leash is included with the Swing as well.

Strike V4

For advanced riders, the versatile Strike excels at freeride/freestyle, and surfs well too. It traditionally has a higher upper end range and is efficient at building apparent wind. It's just plain fun- you can go out and boost, do freestyle, freeride, waves... whatever the day brings you. Last year's model scaled back on the power a bit, so you needed to size up. It'll be interesting to see what the V4's power is like this year.


Prior to this year, if you were a new rider you'd gravitate towards the Swing rather than the Strike because the Swing had more lift to help get you up on foil. The Origin should also have a lot of lift. The Strike is more forward-pulling and speedy and really shines in 24-25 knots and up.

At first glance, the Swing and Strike wings look like great adaptations of the V3 designs and give you new options, making them that much better, and the Origin promises to be a solid option for new and casual riders. The guys are excited to ride them, and we'll be sure to post their thoughts later.

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28th Feb 2024 Tucker Vantol & Jeff Hamilton & Ryan Hooker

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