Foil Drive | From Box to Board | Ben Jamieson's Setup Guide

Foil Drive | From Box to Board | Ben Jamieson's Setup Guide

Ben from Foil Drive has a few tips and tricks to keep in mind while you're setting up your kit. This isn't a replacement for the full install guide, or even the quick start guide, but rather some things that can be easy to miss in your rush to get to the water or that can improve the performance of your Foil Drive in the long run.

Install Each Component in Order

There is an order to installing each piece in your kit that will make it easier and less likely to cause damage. For example, if you've got a shorter motor cable and you install your motor pod first, then the motor pod will be in the way of your screwdriver when you try to screw in the motor plug. That makes it much more likely that you'll cross-thread the screws.

So always install your components in this order:
1. Put your box on your board.
2. Put your mast on your box.
3. Loosely put your pod on your mast so you can slide it up and down a bit.
4. Plug the motor into the pod without screwing it in.
5. Slide the pod up or down until you have the right amount of cable to run down the mast and plug into the box, then tighten the pod.
6. Remove the motor and screw in the motor plug.
7. Tape the cable to the mast.
8. Put the motor back in and secure it.

Go with the Flow

The cable guide, obviously, helps guide the cable straight down the trailing edge of the mast, but it also helps the water flow as smoothly as possible around the cable. Rather than starting the cable guide where the cable actually begins to touch the mast, slide it all the way to the motor pod. You don't need to tape it that far, but it does help close up the small gap between the mast and where the cable comes out of the pod, and that will reduce drag and turbulent eddies that gap would otherwise create. It'll also create the smoothest possible flow going into your propeller to make it as efficient as possible. Of course, a nice, clean tape job will also help the water flow around cleanly.

Mount the Rotor Last

While the propeller blades aren't terribly delicate, they can be damaged if they get struck, or they can damage you if your hand bumps them. Save putting the rotor on for the last step before you're ready to get in the water. Then, if the mast falls over, the blades won't get chipped or break, and they also can't start up accidentally and cut you.

Gaps Are Bad...

After you insert the battery into the main box, the nose cone should slide into place smoothly with no gaps. If it isn't fitting right, you'll need to troubleshoot why, rather than just forcing the latches closed. It's essential that it's watertight, and it won't be if something is off. Check to be sure that the battery is all the way in. Look for dirt or sand on your O-ring, or even too much grease, and clean it if you need to. Once everything is good, the latches will close with a nice "snap" noise, without having to force them.

...But Not Always

When you slide your mast pod and nose cone around your mast adapter, there may be a gap between the two, especially if you have a mast with a tapered profile. Unless the gap is huge, there is no issue with this, so don't try to force it to be tight.

Square Up

When you insert the motor plug into the main box, be sure you've got it nice and square so you don't damage the pins. When you're unplugging it, it'll be tempting to grab the cable to pull it out, but that'll not only be putting strain on the cable, but you'll also be pulling the pins at an angle. Instead, grasp the cable right where it connects to the plug with one hand, and with the other, use a fingernail to get under the front of the plug. You can gently rock it back and forth to loosen it, but pull it out as straight as you can.

Watch the Videos

Don't skip the installation videos from Foil Drive. (It's a good thing to do while you're waiting for your new unit to arrive.) If you take the time to follow the steps while setting up your Foil Drive, it will pay dividends in fun and performance on the water.

Ask Questions

If you're not sure how to do something, reach out to MACkite and they'll be happy to assist. Cheers!

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